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Alex Mandossian – Emotionally Knitted Internet Marketing

Alex Mandossian is one of the top ten internet marketers in the US. He is also a business trainer, motivational speaker and author. Alex is the CEO of an exclusive electronic marketing and publishing company called the Heritage House Publishing and founder of the Electronic Marketing Institute.

As a marketing guru Alex Mandossian has helped his clients generate over $230 million in sales and profits. Through his publishing empire Alex distributes written and spoken educational programs and systems through online catalogs, infomercials, webinars, podcasts and other methods of online marketing.

Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian has built a personal marketing library consisting of almost 2000 books and papers, some of which date back to 1800. Alex uses unique methods and techniques to teach and he is well respected in his field. There are many people who have since succeeded in business who can now pinpoint their beginnings to Alex’s expertise and help. Alex has also used marketing media such as 24 hour recorded messages, tele-seminars, TV infomercials, and voice/fax broadcasting.

The National Speakers Association featured Alex Mandossian at their national conference along with Mark Victor Hansen. Alex was the Master of Ceremonies and speaker along with many other well known speakers and writers. Alex is famous for his creation of AskDatabase.com which was the world’s first search engine and can still be used to discover new markets for Google AdWords promotions.  Alex consulted on Dale Carnegie Training courses, NYU, 1Shopping Cart Corp, Mutuals.com and Pinnacle Care along with several other well known companies. He trained students by utilizing over 13,000 tele-seminars. With this training Alex claims that by using electronic strategies in the marketing of products and programs, the students can transform their lives and increase their income. A few famous co-authors of Alex Mandossian who took his courses are Mark Hansen and Jack Canfield, co-authors of the book ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’. Alex appears to be at the center of the marketing gurus.

Alex Mandossian was born in 1964, and claims that in the same year a Canadian philosopher of communication theory named Marshall McLuhan coined a phrase ‘The medium is the message’. Alex felt that the meaning behind this phrase could be related to a communication insight of Werner Erhard which is ‘Context is decisive’. Though the meaning of the phrase may not be clear – even if people experience different media in different ways it is not groundbreaking. Deeper exploration though could change the way one designs and develops marketing content.

As a marketer, Alex finds it useful to blend message contexts or media to impact the receiver – he terms such blending as multi-channel marketing. So next time you want to send out an email to a group, think of combining other media sources like voice broadcasting, offline postcards, online video and blog and social media – posting the same message. This exercise will definitely help to boost your social influence. If you use just one media it will limit the impact of your message. Many marketers lean towards using mediums like postcards, email, blog posts and online video. By using just one medium all the time invested can be compared to trying to cash with a fishing pole. You may catch a fish, but definitely your reach is limited. If you use a large fishing net you will catch a whole lot of fish and that is what multi-channel communication is all about according to Alex and without a doubt, it makes sense.

Alex  Mandossian sums up his theory that the context of any communication definitely influences how its content is received and understood by the receiver. In other words, it is the communication channel which supersedes the meaning of the importance of the content.

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