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Andy Jenkins – Internet Marketing Guru That Helps You Lead, With Confidence

Andy Jenkins - Then and NowWhen it comes to search engine optimization, video marketing and internet marketing disciplines, Andy Jenkins have had a highly successful run and earned himself the title of guru in the internet marketing community. As you can see from the photos on the left, Andy has also changed his personal image in the recent years.

An expert in building and promoting eCommerce stores, Andy first entered the business field by creating a store for Medieval Weapons, a subject he had great interest in. Andy was also working at Microsoft at the time.  With the success of Medieval Weapons, Andy began to make big money and when he met up with Brad Fallon and the two of them found that they shared in-depth knowledge of SEO techniques, Andy and Brad started their own project called Stomping the Search Engine.  The website Stompernet was born and catapulted Andy Jenkins to fame and fortune.

Stompernet became known as the premier training fountain of knowledge for online marketers.  Brad Fallon was thoroughly familiar with using search engine optimization and when he discovered Andy was an expert in online marketing training, they pooled their knowledge to start the business.  Launching of Stompernet was a major event. Top internet marketers and writers were hired to help conduct and start the project. In just 24 hours Stompernet raked in over $18,000 in gross sales – a record achievement in internet marketing. In spite of the high price of $800 per month for Stompernet, students seem to find it a worthwhile expense as the techniques taught, led to positive financial growth.  Stompernet has definitely proved itself as an effective tool for making money, so the price paid to join the program is more than offset by profits made.

Stompernet was actually a membership program where members get information from other people who have gained high success in sales. The program also includes video DVD and numerous online video downloads which showed in detail the techniques which top marketers use to make huge sums of money from the internet through different techniques. Soon Stompernet started to diversify into other training topics such as video marketing, media marketing and other online businesses. However, over time the profits for Stompernet began to shrink due to the membership model and price point so Andy Jenkins decided to sell out his share to Brad Fallon.

Andy Jenkins picked up a good bit of video marketing knowledge during his college years at NYU where he studied as a film student. He got the opportunity to do some professional video editing for some big movies, which experience stood him in good stead. After leaving the project Andy moved residence from Atlanta to San Diego and he began a new business venture. Using his video expertise Andy started selling a video marketing course called Video Boss.

Video Genesis another venture started by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime which teaches people how to make marketing videos and the program is considered one of the most advanced training materials available. The finer points of video making such as avoiding poor sound, distraction background noises, out-of-focus video etc. are discussed in Video Genesis.   Andy has also released a new training program called Super Affiliate Formula, a study which will train people to become super affiliates starting from scratch. With one-on-one consulting, the program will help to build a 6-figure business in as short a time as 2 years. By putting together a group of people who have purchased the Andy Jenkins Video Genesis the discussions and strategies that emerge will act as support and help for each person taking part.

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