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Brendon Burchard – The Man Who is Changing People’s Lives

Brendon Burchard – The Man Who is Changing People’s Lives

Brendon Burchard Looking Up

Brendon Burchard Looking Up

Brendon Burchard is an American entrepreneur, coach, speaker and the author of The Millionaire Messenger, which made him the number one New York Times bestselling author. Brendon became a well-known name after his book, Life’s Golden Ticket, became a bestseller on Amazon. This success saw him establishing the High Performance Academy, which offers personal development programs for high achievers.  Brendon is also renowned for his Experts Academy, which offers exceptional marketing training to upcoming coaches, Internet marketers, speakers and authors. He also is a much sought-after trainer and speaker.

Brendon philosophy is very simple – he likes to help other people. This is the reason why he offers a number of courses and products to people who are serious about getting a second chance in life, just like Brendon did after he was seriously injured in a car accident. Some of the products, services and courses Brendon Burchard offers include –

  • Brendon is a highly sought-after speaker on high performance, marketing, motivation and leadership. During his discourses, he has shared the stage with some renowned personalities, such as the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Tony Tsieh and Sir Richard Branson. He regularly visits top universities and non-profit organizations to give lectures and discourses.
  • Brendon’s seminars are known for their comprehensive content that can be put into action if people want to transform themselves. In his seminars, he trains professionals to use advanced strategies to become high achievers and performers in the world of business and marketing. Participants are provided with comprehensive resources to help them get started and during his training sessions, Brendon offers real-life examples that participants can identify with.
  • Burchard offers one-to-one coaching to entrepreneurs, celebrities, corporate honchos and also aspiring thought leaders. He coaches people in marketing, high performance and business. According to Brendon Burchard, his coaching helps individuals advance in their lives and this coaching program is aptly named the Center Ring.
  • Many people around the globe give credit to Brendon Burchard’s books for changing their lives. Today, his books are available in 20 languages. The message that Brendon wants to impart through his books is to grasp the second chance that people get to live life fully, love others as much as possible and endeavor to make a difference in your life as well as others. Some of the books that Brendon Burchard has penned include The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger, The Student Leadership Guide and of course his first book, Life’s Golden Ticket.

All Brendon Burchard’s courses, seminars, books and training sessions delve deeply into the meaning of life and what people want from their lives. He serves as a guide to show people the path, but he cannot make them walk the path. The walking has to be done by those, who want to change their lives and achieve their dreams while still staying grounded and in touch with reality. Businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, leaders and even individuals can benefit from one of Brendon Burchard’s training courses and programs.

Brendon Burchard – Sample Video from his High Performance Academy

Below is an example of Brendon’s teaching style where he is teaching about high performance.  One of his trademarks is teaching from his Portland office, peeling stickies off a whiteboard of flipchart.


Brendon Burchard – The Man Who is Changing People’s Lives






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