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Todd Gross – From Weatherman To Internet Marketer

How often is it that one person can be successful at two different careers? Todd Gross worked as a successful meteorologist and professional broadcaster for 30 years or more. He even won three Emmies. He was also on national television as the severe stormcaster for CNBC. He has now spent ten years as a successful Internet marketer. This multi-talented man ... Read More »

Eric Worre (Author of ‘Go Pro’) – MLM Giant

Everyone starts out pretty much the same, as a baby human being. Then interesting things happen along the way. some people make a huge success of their lives while others just barely get by. How does a man such as Eric Worre become a famous author and a leader in the Network Marketing Profession? The secret may lie in a ... Read More »

Remembering Gary Halbert (Copywriter)

Gary Halbert (1938-2007) was considered by many to be the greatest copywriter of all time. The “Prince of Print” was just shy of his 69th birthday when he passed away peacefully in his home in Miami Beach, Florida. He was survived by two sons, Kevin and Bond, and by a generation of copywriters and direct marketers who considered him their ... Read More »

Mari Smith – Queen of Facebook

Mari Smith has been described as ‘A veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing whiz and the Pied Piper of the Online World’ by Fast Company. She has also been selected as one of the Top Ten Influencers in Social Media by Dun & Bradstreet Credibility and Forbes. As one of the world’s leading experts on using Facebook as ... Read More »

Daegan Smith – The King of Never Calling A Single Lead

Years of training and practice as a wrestler during his high school and college days, taught Daegan Smith that if you want to win, you have to do what it takes. He was named the Washington Post’s All-Met Wrestling team of 1998. With this success under his belt, Daegan knew that if he decided to do something he would be ... Read More »

Ryan McKinney – To Succeed, Decide on a System and Act On It

NOTE: In early 2016, Ryan McKinney seemed to disappear totally, leaving all his customers in a lurch. Ryan McKinney today is most known for Search Engine Optimziation (SEO)/Marketing and video marketing (specifically via Google Hangouts).  He started online in  in 2006, he tried his hand at internet marketing when he was a young Marine.  Today, he earns several full-time incomes ... Read More »

Jay Conrad Levinson – The Mastermind behind ‘Guerilla Marketing’

One of the most regarded pioneers of the marketing field, Jay Conrad Levinson passed away on October 10, 2013. But Jay has left behind an important legacy of learning and marketing education for people in the field of marketing and finance and in general, overall business sector. His best-selling book series ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ and 58 other books on the subject ... Read More »

Mike Filsaime – Internet Marketing Expert Helping Millions to Make Millions

The “Michael Jordan of Internet Marketing” – a description Michael J. Filsaime has earned for his expertise and knowledge as an online entrepreneur, personal coach and an educator of new and cutting edge strategies. Mike Filsaime is also a business consultant, software developer, renowned speaker and author. Mike’s work has taken him to over 20 countries including Moscow, Singapore and ... Read More »

Derek Pierce – Breaking all Conventional SEO Myths

When it comes to online marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most sought after services, and Derek Pierce is one of the most sought after experts. He transitioned from the real estate industry to online marketing a few years ago. Search Engine Optimization involves ranking a web page or web site so that it comes up as ... Read More »