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Chalene Johnson – From Turbo Fire to Smart Success Academy

Chalene Johnson – From Turbo Fire to Smart Success Academy

You can blaze your way to fitness with a combination of music, dancing and martial arts if you follow the fantastic fitness programs designed by Chalene Johnson, a physical fitness expert, choreographer, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. You can choose from a selection of exercise programs – TurboJam, TurboKick, Hip Hop Hustle, All Star Presenter Camp and TurboFire.  She has also written two books titled ‘PUSH: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits’ and ‘A Bangin’ Body, and the Life you Deserve’.

Chalene Johnson - Smart Success

Chalene Johnson – Smart Success

At the very tender age of 3, Chalene learned dance and martial arts. In later years while studying at Michigan State University, Chalene trained in taw Kwon do, aerobics and dance.  Though she took up law as a profession Chalene Johnson soon learned that dance combined with fitness was her first love. With different fitness programs sprouting up around that time, Chalene jumped on the fitness fetish bandwagon and has never looked back. She understood the exact problems that people of today’s generation are facing in regards to health and fitness and knew what can be done to remedy the situation. As she herself was addicted to staying fit and healthy, she knew of ways that could help others. She improvised and developed her own techniques and as the results were clearly visible to others, her journey to being famous was almost instantaneous.

Chalene, however, is not all about dance and fitness. She believes firmly in personal development, and her passion for life is contagious. Keeping things real and giving 100% is what Charlene Johnson believes in if one wants to grow and achieve greatness. Chalene is the CEO of Powder Blue Productions and reached the finals of the Instructor of the Year award given by IDEA Health and Fitness Association. In her role as a fitness expert Chalene has appeared on TV programs such as QVC and E! Video series of Chalene Johnson, which have become benchmark in the fitness industry, are now being religiously followed by people and fitness instructors around the world as the results are guaranteed. Millions of people have been able to get back in shape and shed off those extra pounds with little discipline that Chalene Johnson program demands.

As important as achieving total body fitness, Chalene Johnson throws up advice and tips on how to strengthen your resolve on achieving the same. She says you should fix your destination – and by keeping the same in mind will help you to get there. It is not ‘luck’ that achieves success – it is actually the know-how to achieve it. Life has a formula for everything. Look at people who have achieved success and follow the same formula it will help you to reach your goal quickly. If the goals seem too difficult to reach, start breaking them down into smaller goals, they will act like stepping stones. To get the benefits you want while on a fitness program you have to focus on building lean muscle. Just dieting and doing aerobics will not burn fat. Chalene Johnson was also one of the international speakers at 2007 IDEA Fusion Convention and in 2009, she introduced a unique and highly effective strength training program named ChaLEAN Extreme through Beachbody.

Her famous unique workout program named TurboFire was introduced in 2010 through Beachbody and focuses on HIIT Training. It has been seen that through her exercise programs and techniques, more calories are burned in less amount of time than most of the other popular form of exercises and workout trainings. Not surprisingly, Chalene is also a social media expert and an expert internet marketer and has helped many fitness businesses take their business to a new level through her expertise and vast knowledge of the online industry.

To get inspired to do your best, Chalene advises you should follow people that have a positive impact in your life. Mix with people who have the same values and who will help you to become better. You will encounter many people along the way who are negative in their approach. You should rely on your inner strengths at that time and respond to such negativity with a positive approach. To achieve efficiency and effectiveness you should look for ways to work smarter, not harder. It will help in whatever you undertake to do.  As Chalene Johnson says “Everyone of us is born with a special gift. What’s yours? Don’t downplay it or minimize it. Say it, claim it, own it, share it”. “If you want it bad enough you have to be willing to fight for it”.


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