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Charles Trippy – Video Marketer Turns Into YouTube Celebrity


Younger Charles Trippy

Charles Trippy was originally an “expert” in video marketing. His first big successful product was called “Viral Fever Video”. He participated in Joel Comm’s ‘The Next Internet Millionaire’ where he came in second place. At that time he looked like the picture to the right. In 2013 he had a benign brain tumor removed, and featured a video of one photo a day for the next year. Apparently, over time, he realized he could make more money from YouTube ads than by selling products, so he became a You Tube personality.

Today he runs a four popular video logs (vlog), many with his former wife Alli Speed. Together they uploads 10-11 minute videos on YouTube (since approximately 2007).  The first year, they were able to upload 365 videos, one a day. Most of his videos have over half a million views. Frequently featured are they two four legged friends, Maley and Zoe, their dogs. On top of that, he plays in a band “We The Kings”.

It might be a little confusing, He proposed his first fiancee “Ally” on a hot air balloon that was featured in one episode of “The Next Internet Millionaire”. Charles and Alli actually met on MySpace, of of course, he videoed that proposal as well. Apparently, they later separated.

Charles Trippy

YouTube Channels

  1. CTFxC CTFxC stands for “Charles Trippy Friend Core”. As of the date of this article, this channle has 1,473,762 subscribers. There is one video post per day, and they currently numbered all the way up to 1877.
  2. Trippy
  3. Chares Trippy

Charles Trippy and Alli Speed – Featured on You Tube Spotlight

Backstage at VidCon 2013 with Charles Trippy

Charles Trippy Teases Huge Announcement at VidCon 2013

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