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Charlie Page – Directory of EZines

Charlie Page is known as the successful author of about 12 internet marketing books and the owner of “The Directory of Ezines“, Ezine Advertising Live, Article Marketing Live, Followup Selling Systems. He became a member of the Directory of Ezines in 1998 and purchased it a mere 18 months later.  [An EZine is a word that seems to be dropping in popularity that describes a magazine, or newsletter, only published online.]  He has over 37 years of sales experience and was awarded the title of #1 National sales representative for two international companies. He has been self-employed since 26 years. People can visit his blog to learn about article marketing, email marketing and so on. Excellent personal coaching is also provided on the various channels and people learn how to make money online. He is a happily married man and proud father to two beautiful daughters.

Charlie Page

Charlie Page

The master of writing enjoys teaching through a fully automated selling system as it provides flexibility to his life. The consulting clients appreciate this as well and react optimistically to all his inputs. He specializes in email marketing and has also helped Bob Allen write a high successful book on internet income. Once you visit the site consisting Directory of EZines, an instant greeting regarding the increased traffic to a website will be provided. Customers can find low cost ad providers and submit articles for exposure.

Page has always been a huge believer of EZine advertising and it’s potential. There are not only solo ads, but a lot of options that allow people to attract traffic. Targets are highlighted and the results are quick to come by. EZine provides information to the thirsty audience and their exceptions are met as soon as facts are gathered. This is the best platform to target potential customers as they will get to know about your company through the information provided. This is a more convincing and subtle advertising technique that gets people to take notice. Ezine is affiliate friendly and the publishers put in their best efforts to get the desired results.

Page also offers Ezine Advertising Live course for those who wanted to find out the best way to work. Everyone who is interested need to sign on to a list as the course availability works under first come first serve basis.  He has also started to provide free DOE Lifetime Membership upgrade to the existing customers. All the customers have been advised to join soon so that they can avail the benefits of this wonderful offer.

Page’s personal interest lies in golfer and he can be found enjoying the game. He credits this comfort to the automated marketing systems he has created for himself. He likes visiting the church and reading the bible at times. Once a customer visits his site, every possible topic and discussion is on display. The popular topics include email marketing, content marketing, business strategy, driving traffic, list building, sales conversion and so on. There are direct links to his sites and proper browsing efficiency is provided. Blogs and solutions are written in a simple and interesting manner. All sorts of businessmen, entrepreneurs and advertisers need to look at this wonderful platform.

Charlie Page: Discover Ezine Advertising

This is Charlie’s one and only YouTube video:

Get the book “Ezine Traffic Formula”: http://directoryofezines.com/cb/

His “Directory of Ezines” is available for $197 (we believe this is a lifetime membership).

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