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Daegan Smith – The King of Never Calling A Single Lead

Years of training and practice as a wrestler during his high school and college days, taught Daegan Smith that if you want to win, you have to do what it takes. He was named the Washington Post’s All-Met Wrestling team of 1998. With this success under his belt, Daegan knew that if he decided to do something he would be able to do it.

For years, Daegan called himself “The King of Never Calling A Single Lead”.  He had identified his target market as people who were already in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), and were tired of calling leads, and prospecting friends and family, and instead wanted to make it big by using paid traffic.  During those years, he used the banner below, which can still be seen on some of his lead capture pages today.  But today, this is in the back of his site, and doesn’t seem near as prominent.


Daegan_Smith_TShirt_ChecksHe was also know for flashing checks. I personally remember Daegan as the first person to teach me the term “liquidating front end offer” or “self-liquidating offer.”  The concept basically is that you have small front end product that you sell to your leads to help recoup, if not totally pay for your cost of advertising.

Now, that he is experienced and a well respected in the industry, his image is much more suave.  However, looking back in time, Daegan’s  Daegan_Smith_Webcastfirst venture into network marketing was not very successful. For 7 months, Daegan followed upline advice and he bought leads, spent money and made several calls to build a business. He soon realized that this was not the way to go – spending time and money and not achieving much. It was definitely not the road to success. At the same time, Daegan was also taking note of other successful marketers so he changed lanes and decided to do his own internet marketing. With his drive and determination, Daegan has been able to create a huge online empire. He has created opportunities for thousands of people, helped hundreds of others and generated thousands of leads through many online strategies. The success they achieved also lead to the making of millions of dollars.

To help other networkers achieve success, Daegan Smith teaches them how to face and overcome two major problems they may encounter – Money and Leads. Daegan has a well known epithet – King of Never Calling a Single Lead. He has the necessary skills and experience to succeed where others have experienced failure. Daegan also explains that there are opportunities for anyone to make good money through network marketing, not everyone can succeed in doing this. There are certain requirements to be followed and Daegan has written an article titled ‘What Good Young Entrepreneurs Have’ detailing such requirements. According to him, young people may also have bigger aspirations and unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They are eager to listen and learn. However, opportunities to make money are everywhere. According to Daegan, all it takes is for a person to know his true passion in life is.

Another route where one can make money on network marketing, according to Daegan Smith, is in direct mail. With the introduction of email, most people now do not like to invest money, time and effort in this medium of contact. Here, again Daegan feels that direct marketing is a tool and when used carefully can be successful. Daegan feels that many people who have a passive income, appear to be happy with the same. Daegan feels that if one wants to get more, one has to work for it.  Finding other sources to make money would be one way. E.g. an investor could diversify his portfolio, or an author could write more books. If the required skills are present, maybe it is time for a change. In the case of network marketing, motivation is the key to success. It has been proved over and over again as to how motivation has been able to increase a person’s income.

People who have influenced Daegan Smith and may have been his mentors are John Alanis who Daegan met at a conference called Underground Online Seminar. Daegan was also impressed with what he saw in John Oliness’s business which fired him up to improve. Some of the websites and products being offered by Daegan Smith are DaeganSmith.com, Home Business Agency, SoloAdSecrets, Zero Resistance Recruiting and Maximum-Leverage.  He has videos of industry leaders such as David Wood and Lawrence Tam giving him glowing testimonials.

From wrestler to king of an online marketing empire, Daegan Smith has certainly proved that if you put your mind to doing something, you will succeed.

Daegan Smith – Presenting at Live the Dream 2 (20:52)

Daegan Smith – Webinar Eliminate Self Sabotaging Beliefs (42:03)

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