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Dan Kennedy – The Godfather of Direct Marketing

DanKennedy_NoBS_BullDan is often called “the godfather” of direct marketing, because numerous other markets have “cut their teeth” on his courses, especially “Magnetic Marketing.”  Dan is more well know for the offline world of direct mail or direct response advertising, but in recent years, he has featured other experts in his newsletter that cover the cornucopia of Internet Marketing ideas.

In the vast field of online marketing or internet based marketing, being at the ace position for 30 years and serving clients with innovative techniques throughout the professional tenure is certainly not easy, unless if someone inherits sheer professionalism and meticulousness to perform his or her part of the job with the highest precision. Dan Kennedy, the well known multimillionaire marketing adviser, has successfully done what the others cannot even imagine. The online marketing expert, B2B adviser, speaker, coach, serial entrepreneur and a reputed business personality, Dan Kennedy have also registered his name as a successful bestselling author. Being specialized in different fields, like – health, business, finance, and others, he has written many books, based on different niches and the books reflect his ideas, experiences and certain aids for the people.

Dan Kennedy is one of the noted speakers in America and has addressed audiences as large as 10,000 to 35,000 and for nine years in the row has been on the No. 1 Seminar Tour in America. His authority on various niches as well as the wealth he has gathered over the years in terms of revenue as well as knowledge has shot him to the popularity very few people have been able to achieve. Often seen at social and professional gatherings sharing dais or in the company of famous personalities like US President, Colin Powell, Margaret Thatcher, Zig Zaglar, Jim McCann, Brian Tracy, Debbi Fields, Donald Trump and so on, his level define itself. ‘No B.S’ book series is also one of the most popular products from Dan Kennedy and has guided millions across the globe to polish their marketing and business strategies to generate higher revenue and make those tweaks that help them reach at the pinnacle of their business. In fact No B.S newsletter has one of the highest subscriptions for its niche with around 300,000 subscribers and there are local chapters or Mastermind Groups in over 100 cities across Canada and US. Major events are held twice annually and are attended by over 1,000 entrepreneurs and subscribers. Being among one of the authors for ‘The official get rich guide to information marketing’ and the co-founder of ‘Information Marketing Association, you can be sure that when it comes to marketing, information marketing or the internet marketing, Dan Kennedy is the man to look up for.


Dan Kennedy – No BS Book Series

Marketing, Business as well as Finance are the areas of his core competency. He has written the book, ‘The Ultimate Sales Letter on how to boost your sales and attract new customers’, which is considered as the ultimate guide for the business owners in writing their sales letter or newsletter neatly.  Later he began the entire “No-BS” series.  How To Make Millions With Your Ideas or No B. S. Direct Marketing – are some other books based on marketing that have been written by Dan. These books have experienced high demand amongst the marketing enthusiasts and business owners. GKIC, the company which serves marketing advices or solutions, including robust B2B services, has been founded by Dan Kennedy. GKIC has been considered as one of the most authentic and suitable destination for those who are seeking fast, robust and optimal business marketing services.

Career in Marketing Industry

Dan Kennedy, the millionaire business person, has received tremendous success in the marketing industry. His marketing techniques and innovative visions have worked in the right direction to fetch the best results for his clients and that is why for almost 30 years, he has managed to sustain this industry with great client responses. His marketing service provider based organization GKIC mainly targets to help the small-medium business owners who are striving to find their place in their respective business fields. Clinching positive returns on investments, along with that bringing quick and thick marketing results – are the mottos of the organization and so far the company has lived up to the expectations of its clients successfully.

A Brief Note on GKIC

GKIC stands for Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle, Bill Glazer was his former business partner.  In a nutshell, GKIC is basically an organization which is dedicated to its clients, who are in need of marketing solutions for their businesses. The organization has catered its services to a record number of small and medium companies and start-up businesses. The company aims for innovative techniques and cost-effective ideas to lure their clients with low budget, yet provide efficient services. The organization also arranges coaching, training and discussion sessions with the small-medium as well as startup business owners. When it comes to marketing techniques and tactics, GKIC completely relies on proven theories and legitimate marketing solutions. The company’s foundation is the employees of the firm as it possesses loads of dedicated personnel, who are innovative, efficient and highly skilled. Dan Kennedy’s secret strategies, like Markets and Message, The Marketing Triangle, etc. is highly popular for their vigorous actions for fetching the best results.

Building Your “Herd”

Dan preaches that you should be your “herd”, which is often referred to as a “tribe” by newer internet marketers.  Once you have that herd, you can keep selling them courses and products for years to come.  You “herd” is based on your personality, your niche, and your specialties that attract a certain group of people to you.  Dan strongly encourages the use of printed newsletters.  Dan has been publishing his own paid newsletter to subscriber for probably most of his entire 30 years.  He has higher level programs for those that want additional coaching and benefits.

Don’t email Dan – He prefers Fax

Dan’s site may have a support email, but Dan has been adamant about not being available via email, or phone by that matter (except to his exclusive clients which often pay $1000’s per hour for his time).  He tells everyone to send him a fax, believing that if someone wants to take the time to write a fax/letter, print it, and fax it, they will put more thought into composing it, and it weeds out those that aren’t serious about the communication.

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