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Dan MacDonald – (DTM) The Life Regenerator

Who is that hippy sounding shirt-less guy on all those raw food videos? It’s Dan MadCondal, aka “DTM” or “Dan the Man”. Dan MacDonald’s “The Life Regenerator” on YouTube has a staggering 48,000 subscribers and more than 11 million views. Living a life dedicated to a raw diet and helping others to learn of its benefits Dan has been able to help thousands of people to lose weight and change their lifestyle. Dan’s raw food movement has been praised by prominent healers all over the world and has elevated him as one of the world’s most motivated and influential raw food teachers.

Dan_MacDonald_Life_Regenerator_Outside2Dan commonly refers to himself as “DTM” or “Dan The Man”, and one of his famous phrases is “Can you dig it?”.   In one of his videos, you are likely to see Dan outside , shirtless, using a juicer plugged into an RV.  While he might modern day hippy, and has a strong resemblance to popular Jesus drawings, he has vast knowledge of health, diet, juicing, fasting, and the vegan and raw food lifestyles.  He is a frequent speaker at various conferences.

Dan was a body builder for 10 years before he started on a raw food diet. But, he soon realized that bodybuilding was not working for him. So he started learning about total detoxification and completes healing.  Dan advocates that by eating fruits and leafy green vegetables the human organism works best. Once you have mastered such a diet, you will be able to progress to the deeper level stage of juice fasting, water fasting and a mono-fruit diet.

Dan has helped tens of thousands of people free of cost via emails how to live a healthy and balanced life by eating raw food. He felt that since he had the knowledge and capability to do so, he should share his knowledge. This also acts as an incentive for people to buy Dan’s DVDs. Dan has produced 5 DVDs and is planning to produce many more so that people get the inspiration and knowledge they need with regard to recipe of food and juices for beauty. Dan feels that everyone should develop the daily habit of consuming juice. It keeps the skin healthy and glowing, helps eyesight and also keeps the hair looking good. Another piece of advice Dan gives his followers is to get a good night’s sleep. He feels that sleep is the number one thing which helps to recharge your vital force and energy.

Besides being involved in his life regenerator work Dan loves to make ‘juice’ videos. He enjoys adding to his general knowledge and walking or hiking through the woods is one of his favorite hobbies. One of Dan’s favorite hangouts is in the Yucatan with his daughters – eating and drinking coconut water surrounded by coconut trees with the sound of the ocean in the background.  Dan typically throws in a mix of Christianity and new age philosophy into his teachings.

With regard to his long term goals concerning his videos and outreach, Dan feels he would just like to share his passion. Changing ‘everyone’ is not his goal. He would rather focus on the few people who could change their lives by consuming natural foods. Dan is overwhelmed with the success his life regenerator program has received.  It is more than he ever hoped for. Initially Dan wanted to write a book and maybe travel around the world to promote his raw foods theory. But after introducing his videos which have taken him to the top, Dan has realized that this is the way to go and he now works harder to understand and improve the concept as also to achieve self improvement and set a good example. Dan’s teachings have changed the lives of people almost overnight.

Dan with Dave the Raw-Food Truck Driver

Dan’s Popular Lemon Ginger Blast

Motivation to Lose Weight the Best Way – Walking!

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  1. Dan,
    I just listened to your interview with Ronnie Landis and I resonate with much of what you shared there. My name is Bobby Marks. I am living in Thailand and I have come back to the raw vegan lifestyle after eating otherwise for a while. I just celebrated 30 years in AA. I have been meditating since the 70’s and I hear you and I understand some of your dilemmas. I feel you are so right about the timing in the Universe and Beyond. I have had similar experiences re: opening and clarity. I would be happy to share with you. I always remember Rule 62; don’t take yourself too seriously.
    Hit me with some mail and let’s continue down the road of happy destiny.

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