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Dani Johnson – Helping Others Overcome Great Obstacles to Achieve Success in Life

Dani Johnson is a Network Marketing professional, speaker and a author who has successfully overcome many adversities in her life to emerge a winner and acquire great wealth and success. Dani Johnson is the Founder of “Call to Freedom International” and the author of a book titled “Relationship Marketing Expert.”

Dani Johnson

Dani Johnson

Dani was a successful sales associate but she plummeted to a low point in her life.  Dani was 19 years old. While many people would have succumbed to a state of despair, Dani feels she heard God calling to her to rise above her problems and move ahead. So, Dani got into the sales business, starting from scratch. Without aids such as samples, marketing materials, or other such tools, Dani sold her goods from the back of her vehicle and used a public phone booth to make calls. For six months, her business did not pick up. Dani went in for the best coaching, she could find and Dani built a profitable MLM (multi-level marketing) business brick by brick. Within a period of 2 years, she earned her first million. Many people came to know of her success and Dani soon began to get requests to mentor people who needed jobs, showing them how to start a business from scratch. By then, Dani had acquired other skills such as time management, motivation, prospecting, wealth improvement and how people could overcome their worries. These skills became her specialty and are featured in her training programs.

Dani Johnson’s success story literally happened over a period of two years, from being homeless to becoming a millionaire. Not only training people to have the right approach towards business, Dani also launched an overall health and nutrition business. With her ever increasing popularity and rise to fame, Dani became the focus of several newspaper articles and shows.

Dani Johnson is a no nonsense person. She focuses on helping people to reach their goals and aspirations. It is not just the low income group people who approach Dani for help. People with six and seven figure earnings also approach Dani to help them to overcome the obstacles in their lives. All Dani’s teachings are biblically based and she uses her personal experiences in her talks.

Dani believes in sharing her expertise and provides guidance to others looking to learn from her. She holds live weekend seminars, workshops, tele-coaching, recorded seminars and even one-on-one coaching. Dani also offers 100’s of hours of cost-free archived conference calls on her site, and weekly charge live conference calls – all free of cost. Dani knows by first hand experience how adversity can get you down. Her experience of growing up in an abusive, drug afflicted house gave her the strength and understanding to tackle all problems in a positive manner. Dani’s teachings are practical and one can relate with them in actual life. She not only shares her principles in life but also discusses as to how one can apply them in their lives.  By following her teachings, those facing major problems learn to cope and in the process become financially strong.

Dani Johnson has emerged as a worldwide preeminent authority on Relationship Marketing and advertising. She is also much sought after as an international speaker. Dani is also a best-selling author, a coach who achieves good results, an economist, and as mentioned above – Founder of Call to Freedom International – a personal achievement and corporate education corporation. Dani has been featured on several radio, TV and other media programs and also been written about in books and publications.


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