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Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe – Empowering People By Providing Financial Freedom


Having risen from the worst of adversities and struggled day-in and day-out for the most basic necessities one can imagine, a new magic system was introduced to the world by Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe, in October 2011 called Empower Network – a new proven affiliate program which has the ability of offering high income for a small startup investment. A distributor can get started for just $25. The product is one of the best, if not the best, marketing training available today.

The business emphasizes it easy-to-use blogging platform. Rather than hosting your blog elsewhere, and learn or risk the technicalities of building your own blogging site, Empower Network takes care of that for you, and puts you one of the most visited websites in the world. Both of the two Davids learned the hard way how to make money online via attraction marketing, and applied what they learned in building Empower Network. Dave and Dave, along with other top earners in the company provide weekly training via the “Inner Circle Audio” subscription program. Rather than getting an auto-ship of lotions and potions in the mail, you can receive this monthly motivation and training to improve your mind and your marketing skills.

David Wood himself lived in a van with his wife and had surfed through hundreds of paid and un-paid online money making courses in vain before he could taste any success. David Sharpe is a recovered addict. The two believe they can do more together than they could separately. As of September 2013, “Business for Home” ranks them as the sixth among all the top earning networking marketers.

Empower Network can be seen as a hybrid of traditional Network Marketing, Direct Selling, and Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start making an online income. It involves selling someone else’s products or service and earning a commission on such sales. Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe advise that the first step in affiliate marketing is to understand the product and then researching thoroughly on how to promote the products to others for mutual benefit. Empower Network will assist you by providing a fully optimized, fully functional blog to do this. All you then need to do is to market daily, blog daily – and make money.  Intermediate and advanced course sold by Empower Network provide additional training on how to do this, along with your to promote your blog, get traffic to your blog, and capture and sell to leads.

Together with blogging you also need to know how to promote your blog, otherwise you will not be able to attract visitors to your site and no sales will be made. In fact, with Empower Network, what the company itself has built custom “sales funnels” with powerful videos that can do the selling for you. Your jobs is just to bring the people into the funnel, and get them to the videos.  Many affiliates use Facebook Marketing and other traffic techniques to drive traffic to their blog and/or the Empower Network affiliate sites, coded with the members personal ID, crediting them when sign-up and sales are made.

For network marketing, Empower Network will provide leads and a system for a funded proposal.  (A funded proposal is where you can quickly recapture the money that you spend on advertising.)  Some use Empower Network as a lead building system for other network marketing companies.

Once you join, it your job and pleasure to write some highly targeted blogs or articles rich in keywords, and ensure each post is ranked well on the search engines. You pick your own niche and topics. You can literally “Cash-In on your Passion.” If promoted properly Empower Network can be a very useful online MLM lead generation system. Some leaders claim to get 100% of their leads just from their blog.

When Empower Network launched, the leadership had the foresight to make a priority list of people they could sell the products to. According to Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe, networking is extremely important and work needs to be done to acquire as many leads as possible  They have gone the extra mile to ensure that their system is as simple as possible for anyone and everyone to join in and start making money and while it does call for a bit of an investment, if you are ready to put in a little time and consider it and treat it as a business, you can be more than sure that the returns on the investments would be too good to be true and better more, residual in nature. David Sharpe has gone through years of poverty, joblessness, addiction and bankruptcy before his efforts brought him where he is today and thus, you can trust him when he says he understands how you feel and Empower Network was created with the same idea of helping others live a better life with the means available to do so through financial freedom.

Empower Network also has a Compensation Plan which is unique.  It actually started by paying 100% commissions on the basic products, which is rather amazing. Eventually, the company change it to 70% in order to have more funds available to hire the best marketers to tune and make better sales funnels, along with providing dubbed audio of all the products in other languages such as Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.

In approximately February of 2014, David Sharp left Empower Network to pursue some health issues.

NOTE: This article is not claiming you can make any money with Empower Network. See their income disclaimer and average earnings here: Click here: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income.php?id=NealWalters

Meet David Wood in this video to know more about their Business and Success Formula

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David Wood’s Recruiting Story And Road to Success

David Sharp – Miami Florida – January 2014

David Sharp learned a few things from Tony Robbins and delivered an amazing inspirational speech in Miami Florida to an Empower Network crowd of four to five thousand people.

Learn more about how the Empower Network can empower your life, your family, your business, and your earnings. Click here: http://www.empowernetwork.com/commissionloophole.php?id=NealWalters

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