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Debbie Ford – Learn How To Fight The Odds, Strongly and Effectively

Another brave burning candle snuffed out by cancer – Debbie Ford passed away in February 2013. During her lifetime Debbie went through several near-death moments on the emotional front. As a best selling author, Debbie’s self help book ‘The Dark Side of the Light Chasers’ reflects her problem-ridden life – its aim being to help people heavily laden with emotional baggage break free.

Debbie_Ford_Book_CollageAs a young child Debbie grew up shouldering more than her share of problems. When she was 13 years her parents divorced. It was a painful and insecure time for Debbie and in her turmoil as a fledgling teenager, anger, depression and a feeling of not being wanted drove her to drugs. She was in and out of drug treatment clinics but nothing worked. This dark period continued for the next 15 years till Debbie reached 28 years when suddenly it hit Debbie that she had just two choices – to live or to die – the pain and failure were so intense. It is at this time that Debbie Ford turned her life around. She made the conscious decision that she wanted to live and to be happy. Debbie spent the next five years looking for relief. She went in for therapy, spiritual practices, hypnosis rebirthing, mind control, Sufi dancing and Buddhist retreats. Though she was still struggling with her insecurities, through prayer and spiritual practices she finally discovered how to find inner peace.

At the age of 38 Debbie got married, a marriage that lasted just a year. The divorce dealt another cruel blow to Debbie’s psyche as it was her dream to have a happy marriage and family. The only good thing that came out of this failed marriage was their son, Beau. The heartbreak, depression and loneliness caused by this failed marriage got Debbie writing again, this time an in depth description of broken marriages – the book is called ‘Spiritual Divorce’. A young girl from a broken family; drug addiction and a failed marriage were enough to break even a strong person. But Debbie came through.  She wrote several books and appeared on many TV shows including Oprah and Good Morning America. Through her books Debbie urges people to love both their strengths and shortcomings so they can lead balanced lives.

But life threw another curved ball at Debbie Ford in 2003. She was diagnosed with a rare cancer, one that was untreatable. This diagnosis was like the final curtain coming down on Debbie’s hopes and dreams.  Debbie had become a lifeline through her self help books to millions of her readers; she herself has found happiness through prayers and spiritual practices. Finding out that she had cancer was another frustrating time for Debbie; the suffering and pain she had to endure once more revoked feelings of anger at this unkind blow of Fate. However by the time the end was near, Debbie made her peace with the world and she was ready to go. She felt she had accomplished her mission.

For those who have gone through much emotional suffering and for those who are looking for spiritual help, Debbie’s many self help books could prove the door to relief and escape. Books written by Debbie Ford are: ‘The Right Questions, The Best Year of Your Life’; ‘The Secret of the Shadow, Spiritual Divorce’; ‘The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse’; ‘The shadow Effect ‘; ‘Why Good People Do Bad Things’; ‘Courage’; and of course her best selling book ‘The Dark Side of the Light Chasers’. Because of the shortcomings, failures and hurdles Debbie had to overcome during her life, through her books Debbie teaches people how to accept and acknowledge their weaknesses and in the process find inner strengths. Being the best seller of over 7 books, one of the pioneers of modern spirituality and healing processes and the brainchild behind ‘The Shadow Practices’, Debbie Ford has left behind a legacy while providing answers to many of the centuries old unresolved questions.

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