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Derek Pierce – Breaking all Conventional SEO Myths

When it comes to online marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most sought after services, and Derek Pierce is one of the most sought after experts. He transitioned from the real estate industry to online marketing a few years ago.


Don’t be fulled by his relaxed look; Internet Experts often work at home and are typically not the type of guys to wear suits.

Search Engine Optimization involves ranking a web page or web site so that it comes up as high as possible when someone searches for various keywords. A site on the first page of Google gets many many more visits that a site on page two. However, SEO is not as easy as it used to be, and many blogs or articles greatly over simplify it. In fact, to be successful with SEO, one has to be very precise, careful and insightful. Hence, for the business owners, the first priority should be finding a good SEO service provider.

Derek Pierce is often termed as an SEO expert, having dealt with web site ranking and optimization for several years. His secret ingredient for success is nothing but breaking the conventional SEO myths and stepping into the contemporary as well as innovative SEO solutions. Yes, several search engine optimization myths are there and loads of online marketers still follow those myths. A lot of business owners say that their SEO campaign is not providing long term benefits – not even increasing their conversion rate.

The first thing that one should understand – SEO is not only about hitting the top spot of the search engines. Good marketing also requires strategies which will help the website to convert better, and thus to be more profitable.

Derek Pierce has evolved SEO strategies in that way – he helps getting better business responses rather than focusing on the top spot of the search engine. When a business starts getting popular, it automatically reaches the top notch spot of the search engine and acquires high Page Rank. In this way, his SEO techniques or strategies can be termed as revolutionary as they have successfully outdone the common SEO myths.

One technique used by Derek, and many other SEO professionals, is to create private blog networks (PBNs).  These can be WordPress, other blog or social media sites set up specifically to look like real sites, in order to build proper anchor text to the “money site”, i.e. the site you want to get ranked.   It sounds simple, but there are many techniques on building it properly, and for the least time and money.

Derek is the creator of a web-based software called RankGold, however at the time this article was written, it is only available by private invitation (i.e. to Derek’s existing students and coaching members).  He also has a coaching program at UndergroundMarketers.com (also sold out at this time) and a training site called SEOBlacksOps.com, and a third program called SearchEngineMafia.com along Holly Starks and Jake Tanner.  Some of the programs are sold under his company Shoals Marketing (apparently named after his home town, Muscle Shoals, Alabama).  His current blog seems to be http://www.TrafficDiesel.com.

He also runs this site: http://BorrowedAuthority.com, which is his “Borrowed Authority Method” (BAM) product sold on JVZoo.  On that page, he gives a little bit of his story how his SEO Rankings went down after one of the Google updates.  He often uses his SEO techniques to sell affiliate products.


Most of Derek’s free videos on YouTube are promoting a product; he saves his best secrets of his private group members.

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