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Dr. Ben Adkins – aka “The Evil Facebook Magician”

Dr. Ben Adkins is an expert internet marketer, running his company called “Thirty3 Productions,” along with being CEO of “Fearless Social.” He was a chiropractor by profession, maintaining a practice in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Looking back, Dr. Ben has said: “If you’d had asked me five years ago if I
was going to be doing this internet marketing, I would have laughed at you.”

As with many doctors, he started his practice with $100,000 of loans. He was looking for a way to get his new practice off the ground.

I started using it and within about six months I had built up a
practice that was pretty equal to what other people had who had been doing it for twenty

He says that he literally “stumbled” into the Facebook and internet marketing business, and with success in his local practice, other people began asking for his help. Rather than do it all for free, his wife told he that he needed to charge for his internet consulting.

DrBenAdkins_FacebookMagicianBeing a chiropractor allowed him to create clever headlines, such as “Shocking Story of How a Down-and-His-Luck Chiropractor used Facebook Ads to Help Build His Practice.” Some of his products include “Digital product Lab”, “The Evil Facebook Magician”, “Evil Video Magician”, “FB Post Bot”, “FB Ad Triad”, “Followup Master Plan”, “Social Funnel System”, and “Survey Social Pilot.”  In the sales material for Digital Products Labs, he states that he lays out the entire business of how he sold $1.2 million dollars worth of products in 2013.

Dr. Ben Adkins runs his own official blogs where he shares his online marketing insights with the followers. Keeping the market standard or quality standard for the products or services is important.  But, even after doing that precisely, many businessmen have been noted to fail to gather desired kinds of responses from their businesses. The good response depends on good marketing – not exactly on the quality of the products. Hence, this gives the idea that anything can be sold if marketing strategies are streamlined as well as well-thought out. Good quality or standard quality is required for long term business sustainability.

Dr. Ben Adkins has rightly showed the success paths to any businesses. His idea is different for different business as he believes that every organization or venture is unique and thus need special kinds of strategies. When it comes to online marketing, people fall for several conventional myths. As the search engines are changing their policies and online market is becoming robust, it is important for the organizations to strengthen their strategies with meticulous methods so that long term business sustainability, as well as enhanced profitability can be achieved.

Members of the Warrior Forum strongly endorse Dr. Ben. According to James in that forum:

He always over-delivers on value and actionable content in his products (at least in my experience). He is one of the most ethical and frankly nicest marketers I’ve interacted with, purchased from and promoted for.

How Facebook determines what shows up in your feed, what it thinks you will be interested int. Includes the best times of day to post.

FB Ad Hack (<8 minutes)

A Day in the My Life – by Dr. Ben Adkins (11 minutes)

Show how plans his business on Google Calendar, use of daily planning notebook to get 5 things done per day. He spends a lot of time in front of video cameras, and shows his home video studio.

Five Simple Tricks to Remove Tension/Stress Headaches (9 minutes)

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