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Dr. Daniel Amen – Change Your Brain, Change your Body

Dr. Daniel Amen – Change Your Brain, Change your Life

Recognized as a well-known psychiatrist, clinical neuro-scientist, professor, lecturer and the medical director as well as CEO of Amen Clinic, Dr. Daniel G. Amen is also the author of the bestselling book – ‘Change Your Brain, Change Your Body’, which is based on different issues in human psychology and their meticulous solutions, including his famous use of SPECT scans for diagnosis. He can often be seen on PBS TV stations during fund raisers.

Dr Daniel Amen - Change you Brain, Change your Body

Dr Daniel Amen – Change you Brain, Change your Body

Dr. Amen is a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatrist Association and has pursued his doctorate from Oral Roberts University, in the year of 1982. As an author and a distinguished writer in the field of psychiatry, he has authored over 30 books and has written many famous articles for authority medical journals in his field. The Washington Post even published a cover story on Dr. Daniel Amen, which declared him as the most popular psychiatrist in the United States, though it had a controversial quotient in it. Few of his notable and more popular books are The Brain in Love, Healing ADD, Healing Anxiety and Depression, Preventing Alzheimer, Making a Good Brain, Two Minutes a Day to a Lifetime of Love, Clinician’s Brain Science Toolbox and so on.

In his book, ‘Change Your Brain, Change Your Body’ bestselling author and award winning psychiatrist has unleashed the secrets of several sects of human psychology. The book unveils 10 secrets that will help you to live longer, healthier and free of any critical health or psychological disorders. Dr. Daniel Amen mentioned these 10 methods as the proven methods for a person’s overall well being. Modern lifestyles imply a lot of stress over a person’s mind. No wonder mind disorder or a mind full of stress, despair and unhappiness leaves a severe impact over physical health too. Complete well being referred to both healthy mindset and vigorous physical state. The 10 methods in the book cover both these aspects of mind and body. Thus, the book unveils secrets for staying stress-free, removal of anxieties, etc. and on the other hand, it also talks about how to look younger or rejuvenated how to stay away from the danger of fatal heart diseases, etc.

Risks of the complicated diseases are increasing so fast in these days and not only adults but the kids and young adults are also not getting spared from these complicated diseases, like – heart problems, cancer, diabetes, and many more. Based on the famous brain-imaging technique for healing the patients, Amen Clinics have successfully cured over ten thousand people from 75 different countries. Several interesting researches have been made in this clinic and based on these researches – proven healing techniques for complete well being of human minds and bodies has been invested. Critics tried to defame such innovative techniques, but often they are found to be short of enough logic. Moreover, the results are enough to prove the competences of the healing techniques, practiced at Amen Clinics.

‘Change Your Brain, Change Your Body’ also unleashes interesting research on the severe health problem, like – obesity, which is a recognized fatal disease that is responsible for failure of the major human organs. The research concludes the secrets behind the inactivity of most of the diets. In the book, Dr. Amen mentioned that most of the doctors or physicians take a wrong approach for healing the problem of obesity. While they tap on human stomach, the problem remains untouched in brains. It is the brain which controls our activities. Should we take one more bowl of soup or not? The answer comes from the brain.

Five kinds of generalized brain patterns are responsible for obesity or overweight. Dr. Amen takes an approach to find out the particular brain pattern that a specific patient has and then he starts the healing process. ‘Change Your Brain, Change Your Body’ has unleashed each of the brain patterns and discussed salient solutions for overcoming overweight problems for the respective brain patterns. Though video and audio tutorials, the patterns have been discussed to aid the audiences.

Dr. Daniel Amen also heads a nonprofit organization – Change your brain, Change your Life Foundation – which deals in promoting mental health, various solutions to mental disorders as well as how to keep a balance in life mentally, among the kids as well as the adults. Amen Clinics have a presence at 6 locations throughout the country, helping hundreds and thousands of people every day from all walks of life and of all ages, deal with mental disorders amicably and effectively, while helping moderately effected people make use of their brain smartly. So, if you are having a tough time dealing with anxiety or any other mental illness or if you have a loved one who is troubled with similar problems, trust double board certified psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen to provide you with an out-of-the-box clinically proven solution that is effective and within budget.

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