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Eben Pagan – The Man Who Can Turn Your Dream into a Reality

Eben Pagan

An author, a speaker and a business entrepreneur, Eben Pagan have made a name for himself by teaching men on dating, as also teaching internet marketers personal development skills, growth and business management.  Using a very methodical, professional and down to earth style, Eben used the pen name of David DeAngelo when writing for his dating sites. His teachings include webinars, written guides, video training, seminars and coaching.

Eben started his career as a real estate broker in California. This is where he was able to hone his marketing skills and become proficient in generating sales. What rocketed Eben Pagan to fame was his E-Book titled “Double Your Dating”. The book was an instant success and gave Eben multimillion dollar status. He wrote other E-Books on similar topics such as “Advanced Dating”, “Meeting Women Online”, “Man Transformation” etc.  Eben’s online success was noted by his followers and he began to receive requests on how to sell product information online. With such appreciation backing up his effort, it led Eben to create his first business related product information.

Eben Pagan has 14 years experience in the internet marketing industry. His training program titled “Altitude” sold at $ 10,000 a few years back.  In May 20, 2013 Eben released a program called Eben Pagan Accelerate. It is an official website for entrepreneurs who have dreams of turning their businesses into multimillion dollar setups by using specific internet marketing strategies. Such strategies involve internet marketing techniques such as leadership, creativity and productivity as also marketing, growth skills and product creation.  It is now a fact that such strategies will definitely act as an advantage when dealing with competitors. The Eben Pagan Accelerate program is actually a 5-day live training, and to lure people to the program, it includes many bonuses. The Platinum Passport bonus has a value of $100K and opens up access to all of Eben’s business and marketing training programs.

Eben has included some secret tools in his Eben Pagan’s Accelerate program which is available online for free. This free software is capable of performing several tasks. It can reveal what are the best selling products on Amazon, discover what the not-so-popular competition keywords/search terms are on Google, thus attracting more traffic to your website to get a higher rank on Google, post trackbacks to other blogs, how to get your new website put on Google’s search results quickly and how to post comments on other blogs to make your website get a higher rank on Google. Eben has also released a set of videos for a List Building Renegade Course. While Video 1 acts as an introduction on how to get you started, Videos 2  and 3 show you the tools you need and how to select a profitable topic. Video 4 shows how to attract prime subscribers. Video 5 is a lesson on how to strengthen your base and attract more traffic. Video 6 tells you which markets to use, what keywords to use and how to strengthen your client base.  Video 7 helps you to get a firm foothold in the market and maximize profits.

In Eben’s own words, it does not really matter which site you use to buy the Accelerate program from and what bonuses are offered. All that matters is what bonuses you get. If for some reason you feel another bonus or commission being offered on another website looks more interesting, go ahead and get it. Eben’s program features his personal teachers and mentors and also people from outside the industry who are proven business growth thinkers. Basically, Eben is one of those famous entrepreneurs with a real rags to riches story whom you can trust when he says “You can too”, if you know what it means. Having started working from his bedroom on a computer with no college degrees and no steady job, he now has multiple products under his belt which have made over $100 million in sales and this should be a reason enough to follow his footsteps as his strategies have worked for millions and will work for you too.

Eben Pagan’s 2 minute Cover Page Video from his YouTube Channel

Accelerate 2014 – Part 1 of 2 (15 minutes)

Accelerate 2014 – Part 2 of 2 (13 minutes)

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