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Enhancing Conversion Rate for Online Businesses – Learn It from Kevin Nations

Kevin Nations is one of the leading experts in online business, who coaches and train his clients online business management and how to earn six figure incomes. Apart from that, he is a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and has been featured in “Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days” by Jay Conrad Levinson, as well as “Bull Market” by Seth Godin. He has years of experience in his bag and thus, understands the virtual business sector very well. What is more interesting is that his ideas or teaching for online business management are not limited to search engine optimization or other conventional topics.  He furnishes creative ideas for reaching the masses through online and gaining better conversion rates.

Kevin Nations

Kevin Nations

His ideas for online business success are based on long term effectiveness. His online business management teaching starts with basic questions. Business owners may be asked about their business expectations, their business strategies and their goals or future planning. As a business person, one should ask himself/herself – “How many activities am I doing and how much I am getting in return?” This is the first question an entrepreneur should ask himself. Different people start with different levels of expectations and it is also very natural that time as well as money investment is a relative matter. While some start with a little investment, others start with greater investments. Whatever be the amount of investment one makes, it is always important to work in a direction which will earn maximized profits against the initial investments.


Kevin Nation provides “Big Ticket Sales” Training which has the following features and is helpful for anyone looking to change their life around –

  • The secret to transforming the value of a Big Mac from $5 into $1.2 Million.
  •  Why people who suck at what you do are making more money at it than you (and how to fix it).
  •  How to eliminate low end products and charge premium prices for your entry level offer.
  •  The smart way to “cherry pick” leads that will buy what you sell.

According to Kevin, one should not just plunge into the business, but rather must build a plan first. Once you know how much time and money you have for investing, start developing the plan. This planning process can be daunting, especially for inexperienced or novice business persons. Kevin Nations has provided his expertise to a number of people and helped them with their online venture. According to him, it does not matter how much you can put in your business as investments, the matter of fact is ‘earning big through small events’. His teachings have not only helped the business owners to build effective business plans, but also helped them to understand proper business management, which is basically nothing but key of success for any business person. He urges others to stay focused or goal-oriented and for that his quality training sessions as well as seminars are truly helpful.


Kevin Nation’s Ultimate Life Design Hangout

Kevin Nations Teaching on Value at Big Ticket Blueprint

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