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Eric Worre (Author of ‘Go Pro’) – MLM Giant

Everyone starts out pretty much the same, as a baby human being. Then interesting things happen along the way. some people make a huge success of their lives while others just barely get by. How does a man such as Eric Worre become a famous author and a leader in the Network Marketing Profession? The secret may lie in a person’s ambition and willingness to get educated and keep learning all of their lives. Driven people look for answers to questions about how to succeed in their chosen fields. Sometimes they are willing to share their secrets to success with the public.

At The Start

The chosen profession for Eric Worre is network marketing. But, that is not where this story begins. Eric was born in 1964 and had a few ups and downs in his early life. He tried and failed at several jobs before he became a professional with the home business industry. In 1988 he was working with his father and a partner John Joyce in a real estate company. He was not making enough money to live a comfortable life and get the bills paid.

The Light Bulb Moment

They attended a business opportunity for MLM seminar as a group. they decided MLM was right for them, but Eric needed to borrow the start up money from his father. All three men are still active in the MLM industry. Eric learned to be responsible for all of his decisions and to learn the necessary new skills for leadership, personal development, and creating success habits. He had to find the correct mindset and work ethic to succeed and he did. Now he is worth over 15 million dollars and has operations all over the world. Now that is a life turn around from barely getting by to being worth millions.

Some Career Highlights

Me Worre has built sales organizations with over 500,000 distributors in 60 countries, he has been the president od several direct sales companies including his own called TPN-The People’s Network, and he has earned a 7 figure per year income as a marketing consultant for the direct-selling industry. He has learned to be an accomplished mentor and trainer who holds very well attended live training events around the world. He trains people to become successful “Network Marketing Professionals”. He has been a leader in this profession for more than 25 years. In 2009 Eric Worre started NetworkMarketingPro.com, one of the most-viewed training sites for the network marketing profession. It has an audience in 137 countries around the world.

In 2009 Eric Worre started NetworkMarketingPro.com, one of the most-viewed training sites for the network marketing profession. It has an audience in 137 countries around the world. It has furnished over one thousand free training videos and hosted a multitude of training events. This training program is very popular around the world and highly successful.

Mr. Worre is the author of the worldwide best-selling book called “Go Pro – Seven Steps To Becoming A Network marketing Professional”. It has sold more than 300,00 copies and counting in the first year of availability. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to go into network marketing and succeed.

What Now?

Mr. Worre is retired from being a distributor and lives with his wife in Minnesota. He is concentrating on passing along his hard-won knowledge and marketing secrets to each new generation of network marketing professionals. He wants to work on the constant advancement of the network marketing profession. His intent is to teach people to succeed and to offer them assistance. Everything that Eric has learned about network marketing and success over the past 25 years is shared in his books, audios, and training programs and events. So why does he succeed? Why do people use his learning products? It is because he knows his material and has good core values for being a serious successful network marketer. He even calls out many marketers in the industry who aren’t really doing what they say. He tells people straight out that they need to stop whining about their lack of success and start figuring out what they should be doing better.




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