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Experts Academy – For Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and Seminar Leaders

Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy


Experts Academy (Millionaire Training for the New Class of ExpertsTM) is a comprehensive course created by Brendon Burchard. It is designed for people who are interested in spreading their passions and messages to the world.  The training program is meant for people, who already have experience in marketing, as well as those who are just starting their journey.

What Does Experts Academy Offer?

This training program is extremely comprehensive and offers everything you need to know to be successful in marketing, especially if you perceive yourself as an expert with a message to share. The training program teaches you methods that Brendon himself has used and still uses to market his products and services. The program is delivered in multiple parts:

  1. Book
  2. Binders of printed materials
  3. Audio CDs
  4. DVDs
  5. Member-only Kajabi website
  6. Ticket to Expert Academy Live.

The program includes:

• Elite Coaching Program – This program teaches people everything they need to know to market their products successfully.
• 5 Week Marketing Mastery Online Training – This training focuses on five expert areas where chances of success are maximum. These areas include being an author, speaker, coach, online marketer and seminar leader.
• Promotional Partnership Crash Course – This is a 5-week course that condenses the best ways to get superior promotional partners to succeed in the world of marketing.
• Free Ticket to the Experts Academy Live – Finally, there is one free ticket to a live event where you can watch Brendon teaches participants the latest marketing strategies in a live setting. This is a great networking event where you can meet other up-and-coming authors, speakers, coaches, and seminar leaders.

Experts Academy is a way to learn the latest marketing strategies. It offers everything a person requires to succeed as a marketer – right from using social media to choosing the right promotional partners and making use of public relations. After completing Experts Academy, you will be given a complete marketing plan for a whole year. This is the exact plant that Brendon uses, so you can rest assured knowing that if you follow the marketing plan, you will taste success.

People, who have taken advantage of Experts Academy, claim that they have significantly benefited from the training program. They found it comprehensive, covering important and key areas that help in successful marketing efforts. Brendon focuses on three main questions which form the background for the program. These questions he asks the audience are: 1) Did you live?, 2) Did you love?, and 3) Did you matter?  You can see the “Knowing your Why” is important to Brendon.  The program helps people to develop their personalities which in turn, help them answer many other questions in a positive manner and take positive actions to succeed.

NOTE: Brendon only opens the course several times a year. You maybe able to check out the free videos below, but you may not actually be able to buy until the next launch window. If you can get to the videos, they are well-worth the time.

Free Video Introduction to Experts Academy (Buy it here)

Here’s a look into Brendon’s recording studio, his Portland condo (or apartment).

The next video is almost an hour, but it gives you the full outline of how to make a million dollars a year as an expert:

Free Video Introduction to Experts Academy (Buy it here)

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