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Frank Kern – Door-to-Door Salesman Turned Millionaire By Teaching Marketing Methods That IM Gurus Follow Today

Frank KernCan a talking parrot help to make you a millionaire? Yes, if you are Frank Kern. Frank, in his search to become a millionaire hit on the idea of publishing an ebook titled “Teach Your Parrot to Talk”. Frank selected this somewhat rare topic after conducting an extensive keyword research that helped him find out the potential of the niche. He discovered that there was a big market for this requirement – teaching pet parrots to talk! Frank noticed there were several searches online on how to train parrots to talk and other parrot-related products. As Frank did not have any in depth knowledge of parrots, he hired a parrot specialist to write a book on teaching parrots to speak. The book became an overnight success and this brilliant idea of Frank’s became his big stepping stone to success.

At present Frank Kern is being labeled as the highest paid online marketing adviser in the world, recognition given to him by another successful entrepreneur Brendon Burchard. Starting out in life as a door-to-door salesman while dropping out from college mid-way and living in a single trailer mostly, Frank faced the usual rejections and disappointments. But his dream to make it big did not fizzle out. He got his hands on some Personal Power tapes by Tony Robbins that helped him focus and  get into the right mindset. Later on for gathering more knowledge in the field of internet business, he bought a course written by late  Cody Rudl and used this medium to climb his way into the internet marketing industry. He studied and learned ‘how to make money online’ from the above mentioned courses and this led him to embark on his journey towards success with more confidence.

With the ‘talking parrot’ ebook sales soaring high, Frank got his first taste of big money. He then turned his attention to pet dogs and how specialized information on this topic would be received by dog owners. This venture was another runaway success. Frank got a book written and then created 600 websites for different breeds of dogs, each website selling the same book though.  In the space of one year Frank earned over $1 million on this venture. By now Frank was turning his thoughts in another direction i.e. teaching entrepreneurs make money online. So he sold off the dog business and began to focus on teaching the technique of making money online. Video marketing is another tool Frank uses to promote his business. A ticket to a live seminar by Frank can cost up to $25,000!

In 2008 Frank released a system called “Mass Control Marketing” which featured psychological sell triggers. The package was  sold for up to $3000. He also was in charge of the marketing for the Stompernet Launch by sending out emails, sales letters and using videos.  Frank Kern also undertook a marketing of another product on dating and this one netted $1.4 million in four hours. All these overnight successes have labeled Frank as the most expensive, most in demand and most difficult to get marketers in the world.  Other unbelievable successes achieved by Frank include his promotional copies of Annihilation Method Launch which brought in $23,800,000 in 24 hours. The Serializer seminars organized by Frank sold seats worth a million dollars in 54 minutes on its own steam. All these startling astronomical figures are but the tip of the iceberg in Frank’s life. He continues to make over a million each year by selling stuff that is non-marketing.

So who or what was the push button that lifted Frank Kern from an ordinary sales person to being the highest paid marketing adviser? Could it be Frank’s family? It seems that after tasting mild success in online selling Frank was happy and content. But Frank’s family was not happy as they felt he could do much more so they kept pushing him to improve. Finally Frank Kern took up the challenge and after that there has been no looking back as after having sold the product for positive reinforcement in dogs for better obedience and the stream of sub-products that included 600 websites, he got into the niche of making money online. For this, he started creating micro-niche websites in collaboration with Ed Dale and the final result was the formation of the new product, namely – ‘Underachiever’s Mastery Course’. This course contained information about locating profitable markets online that has potentially less competition, creating products that are good enough to sell itself and the lessons on how to drive organic traffic to the sales page for accelerating revenue generation. There are many informational products that Frank has created and launched successfully over the years but the ones worth mentioning are 4-Day Cash Machine and List Control, the methods and products that became the benchmarks in its field and are the methods that are used even today by many budding and professional internet marketer.

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