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Gary Vaynerchuk – Unparalleled Social Media Expert Author, Speaker, Consultant and Angel Investor

Of Russian origin, Gary Vaynerchuk’s family migrated to the US in 1978. His original name was Gennady, but was changed to Gary after the move. Gary has grown and prospered into the ultimate businessman. As CEO of a media marketing agency, VaynerMedia, Gary has proved himself as an investor and advisor and works with the companies listed in the Fortune 500 today. According to Gary if anyone has the right amount of persistence, patience and passion – they can realize their dreams. His knowledge, experience and wisdom in social media marketing, video marketing and online brand building are unmatched in the field and he is a renowned author and speaker on the niche.

Way back when Gary first started in business – it was to rip flowers from other people’s yards and re-sell them! Gary Vaynerchuk was quick to make the most of any business opportunity and indulged in selling baseball cards in the malls and doing chores in his neighborhood and at the young age of eight managed not one, but eight lemonade stands in and around his neighborhood.



Gary’s family owned a vineyard and when he was old enough Gary launched a website called WineLibrary.com which increased their wine business earnings from $3 to $45 million in a few years. WineLibrary.com was one of America’s first wine websites. Now, Gary and his brother have built VaynerMedia an agency that helps giant companies in the Fortune 500 list – PepsiCo, GE, and Hasbro – to build their brand online and market their products effectively. Gary also started a wine show on the internet and authored two bestselling books.

On his YouTube cover art today, he actually labels himself as CEO and “Hustler”.  Hustler in the sense of a guy who hustles and gets things done.  In the past, one of his main themes has been how to brand yourself.

Gary Vaynerchuk firmly believes in the magic of the internet – a medium one had heard little or nothing about up to 14 years ago. He feels this is what can prove to be a major game changer in today’s market. Unlike days gone by, prosperity does not come to people just because they are highly educated and well connected. The new key to success is personal branding. Unlike personal resumes of old times which touted one’s experiences and capabilities, now it all depends on how you develop your personal brand online. Even tweets and comments via blog and Facebook can help sell you and your product. Gary feels that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as other sites can help maximize your brand and accelerate revenue generation beyond one’s perception. What you put on social media is important – the storyline and content can make all the difference. Use of video, audio and blog are also valuable sales pitches. Other areas to make money would be to write articles, speak at seminars etc. Gary’s book ‘Crush It’ was an instant success. In its 142 pages, Gary chronicles his achievements in a sequential manner while sharing his experience, knowledge and strategies that have helped him pave his way to success. Gary has featured in magazines like Forbes, online authority like Mashable and has also been on the Businessweek’s list of the top 20 entrepreneurs of the year and Ask Men’s 2010 list of most influential men.

GaryVaynerchuck_Book_Crush_ItGary’s success can be put down to two major factors – his passion for business and people. He believes that building a strong relationship and trust with the customer is of prime importance. If this is not done, your competitors will swing in and get an edge over you that might seem costly for you. Gary Vaynerchuk’s motto in life is nothing is impossible and if you have the will and the determination to reach where you want to; there is nothing that can stop you.  His own story stands witness to this. From selling baseball cards and lemonade on street corners, to upping sales of his family’s wine store and leveraging the internet, Gary has climbed the ladder of success and now enjoys his spot at the top. Gary’s book says it all – Crush It! Why now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion.

Not only is he a football fan, Gary has a goal to one day own the New York Jets, and he often used to feature a Jet football team helmet on the table of his videos.

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