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Greg Braden – Combining Science and Ancient Wisdom

Greg_Braden_PhotoGreg Braden is a prolific writer and speaker, who rose to fame during the 2012 phenomenon in which he claimed that the magnetic polarity of our planet was about to reverse. The best-selling author is known for his ability to combine the ancient wisdom and the modern techniques in unexpected ways to find a contemporary solution for the people. He was a computer geologist for several years in one of the largest oil companies, Phillips Petroleum, during the energy crisis years. He worked with a defense contractor in the final years of the Cold War as a senior computer systems designer. He abandoned that technical/professional life however. He decided to pursue what would give him the ultimate satisfaction and that was to help people. It has been close to three decades since he has found his true calling. He has traveled over rough terrain, gone over the hills and valleys to explore the unknown and discover the mysteries and old forgotten texts that has relevance to our existence – it is about finding the real meaning behind our existence and interconnecting the dots that makes this universe possible. He has stayed in the remotest places to explore ancient practices. The ancient knowledge has been filtered by his expertise of new science and technology. His wisdom which he has shared in many books is a result of this unique blend of modern and traditional. Greg is a true pioneer in his field and his leadership is acknowledged by all. He is a member of several renowned think tanks.

His work has found its way to college level courses that explore new discovery. He has several published works to his credit. One among them was “Deep Truth” which became a best seller. His challenging concepts and theories have changed the way people view new discoveries. The results of his exploration have been awe inspiring. His work is available in over thirty countries and nearly forty languages worldwide. He has received numerous international awards for his innovation. He has authored books like The God Code, The Divine Matrix, Fractal Time and Deep Truth. His latest achievement has been as a trainer and speaker of several Fortune 500 companies and even the U.S military. He has been covered by all leading television channels in the USA.

He has shown that the answer to humanity’s problems lie in the past. Understanding the past can help us overcome challenges today. He is uniquely qualified for this task. He was part of the global support team that ensured the reliability and stability of the internet. Being a part of the team that shaped how we live today, he chose to give that up and stay in remote places to devote his time to know the unknown. He poured over forgotten texts to unravel their mystery and his books bear the witness to his results.

Greg Braden Books

Greg Braden Books

Greg Braden says that a holistic view is crucial to the understanding of the world. The core principles of the ancients all preach one thing. All things are interconnected. The human heart has the power to influence the cyclic nature of life and hence change the climate, civilization and the earth itself. Humans have ignored the sacred bond that they share with nature and this has led to the general problems of the world.

For example the field of influence for a river is the people living on the banks and people whose livelihoods depend upon the river. For a single person their sphere of influence is limited to people that sit around them at the table and by extension to others that these people around the table relate to. However that is not the end of the thought. For humans to change the earth and avoid the pitfalls of destructive technology humans must believe that what happens in rivers and oceans far away affect and shape our lives. Our views shape those immediately around us and they in their turn influence others. Transforming the way we perceive is the key to a better future. Science without a spiritual world view is dangerous and can only lead to a state of war and terror.

He believes that the answer lies in seeking a union of spirit, the past and science. Everything cannot be viewed through a single lens but must be combined. There must be bridging of the gap between science and traditional thought. Traditions give our lives meaning. New thinking must emerge so that the predictions of a dark future are avoided. The threat of nuclear war that was imminent in the 1980s has been avoided but not the thought that led to it. The destiny of the human species is inexplicably linked to the way humans perceive is each other. The humans must view each other, the world and everything in it together. When we begin to see the whole truth our choices become clear and actions are logical.

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Greg Braden’s Site: http://www.greggbraden.com/

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