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Jason Fladlien – Extraordinary Journey Towards Internet Marketing Success

Jason Fladlien – Rapid Crush

From hip hop music to creating affordable software solutions – it has been a journey of hopes, dreams, failures and successes for Jason Fladlien, now CEO of Rapid Crush, Inc. Ask Jason if he would have made the journey any other way, and he firmly says if he had to do it all over again, he would do it the same way.

Jason Fladlien - Rapid Crush

Jason Fladlien – Rapid Crush

Jason started his early working years playing hip hop music and trying to sell his CDs, writing songs, doing music shows and so on. It was in 2005 after reading some marketing material, supposedly the internet dating products by none other than Eben Pagan, that Jason got into internet marketing. He also experimented into affiliate marketing, article marketing and internet marketing, while also trying his hands on using AdWords to maximize returns. His early efforts failed because Jason did not understand the basics of marketing and was not familiar with the principles of salesmanship. Jason Fladlien soon learned that instead of trying to find new buyers for his products, the better idea was to go with people who were already paying for advertising and marketing. Jason’s initial forage into marketing was mainly to raise money to promote the sale of his CDs, buy equipment necessary for h3is music career and make successful records. So he started the whole venture as a hobby, a hobby that soon became an obsession with him. Again because of lack of experience and expert knowledge, Jason ran out of funds. To support himself during that time he took up painting of houses as a day job, and did his online marketing stint at night. But Jason realized that marketing required him to spend more time at home, so finally he gave up the painting work. During this hectic period, Jason’s music took the step-child position.

By this time Jason became obsessed – all he could think about was to succeed in his internet business and though money was coming in, it wasn’t enough and that made him more persistent, stubborn and hungry for success. He worked from early morning to lunch time doing ghostwriting and spent the evenings building up his marketing business. Jason felt he had all the required marketing ideas and techniques but he was still afraid to test the waters – previous failures had instilled in him a sense of insecurity. What if the clients rejected his work? What if people start calling him a scammer or spammer? What if all the hard work went in vain?

Then finally after months and months of trial and error – the winning solution hit him. He realized writing for himself and creating his own product would be a good idea and felt it was worth trying. So, he did the whole product writing in one sitting – and his idea worked, as the product got sold. This lead to Jason Fladlien starting his own copywriting and product creation line up and his first efforts covered launching of eight products. As time went by and Jason got the hang of the work, he started to experience the sweet taste of success. He began to make enough money to finance his musical career. Jason also feels he is surprised and elated at the quality of work he can now produce. His fears of inadequacy have disappeared and his new confidence helps him to face whatever challenges he encounters. Out of the many fascinating internet business themed products that Jason created and launched, one of the most interesting products is ‘7 Minutes Articles’. As an expert copy writer himself and having worked as a ghostwriter for hundreds of clients in his early days in the internet marketing, Jason developed a technique that helped him create an effective formula to write articles in a very short period of time and reduce the effective time of creating a unique article.

Jason Fladlien’s company, Rapid Crush, creates software solutions by using Facebook, Content Distribution Networks and WordPress. It creates internet marketing products – helping others succeed in their efforts to making money online. These products focus on scalability to ensure they continue to be useful for years to come and have wider audience reach. Most of the Jason’s clients and customers have not been able to stop thanking Jason for his products as well as his honest advice on how to take their internet business ahead and realize their goals. His products have actually changed the lives of many people and the honest tutorials and reviews can be seen all over the internet – a fact that makes Jason more than happy as helping others once he himself knew the secret of internet marketing, was always the idea behind creation of his comprehensive line of products. This is all the evidence and support Jason needs to know his journey has been worthwhile – a journey Jason is willing to repeat because he feels it has also made him into a better person.

Jason Fladlien – Amazing Selling Machine – The Secret Hangout

Jason, based in Iowa, sells various software products that assist marketers via http://rapidcrush.com. However, I think you will find his courses and training much more interesting: http://jasonfladlienproducts.com.

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