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Jay Conrad Levinson – The Mastermind behind ‘Guerilla Marketing’

Jay_Conrad_LevinsonThe_Father_of_Guerrilla_MarketingOne of the most regarded pioneers of the marketing field, Jay Conrad Levinson passed away on October 10, 2013. But Jay has left behind an important legacy of learning and marketing education for people in the field of marketing and finance and in general, overall business sector. His best-selling book series ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ and 58 other books on the subject of marketing and related categories, authored by him, have sold around 20 million copies worldwide in 62 different languages collectively. This is the impact Jay’s suggested unconventional marketing tools have made – so aptly described as ‘Guerrilla Marketing’.

In the video below, Jay says he has worked a three-day week from his home since 1971. That’s the dream of many entrepreneurs. From a young age, he wanted to a writer; and later decided that he liked speaking as well.

Born in Detroit and bought up in Chicago, Jay Conrad Levison graduated from the University of Colorado where he majored in Psychology. With this background Jay entered the advertising world. He took up the post of Creative Director at Leo Burnett, London. When he returned to the US, Jay joined J. Walter Thompson (JWT) as Senior Vice President. Jay created his concept of Guerrilla Marketing and taught the same at the University of California in Berkeley. Many of Jay’s advertising and marketing campaigns that he collaborated on, became very popular – the Marlboro Man, the Pillsbury Doughboy; United’s friendly skies; Morris the Cat, Jolly Green Giant, Tony the Tiger, Sears Diehard and Allstate’s Good Hands. Companies that have benefitted from Jay’s creative marketing materials included biggies such as Gallo Wines, Visa, Wells Fargo, Kampgrounds of America, Citicorp, Playboy, Pacific Telephone, Nissan, Volvo, Mercedes, Chrysles Corporation, Holiday Inn and many others.

Jay also wrote online columns for many internet venues and for the San Francisco Examiner. He served on the 3Com Small Business Advisory Board and Microsoft Small Business Council. His Guerrilla Marketing techniques appear in books, videos, audiotapes and a prize winning CD-ROM on breakthrough marketing advancement called The Guerrilla Marketing Association – a support marketing system for small businesses. Other online columns that Jay Conrad Levinson wrote were for Netscape, Fortune Small Business, America Online and Hewlett-Packard. He was the Chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International, the marketing partner of Adobe and Apple.

According to Jay Conrad Levinson, to be a creative professional one should focus on strategies – not tactics. Other important tips he shared were: To promote time management by doing the important tasks first. Learn how to sell. Find out what the client’s problems are and then create solutions.  Identify what your target dream is through research, and then follow up and follow through. Hire the right people and ensure that they constantly improve their standards of achievements. Train the staff and then set specific goals. Most importantly, all these guidelines should be followed on a 24/7 basis to ensure that they work. Jay advised that all interactions were potential marketing moments irrespective of whether it was a small vendor or a big client. Whatever action you take has to be consistent, professional and positive. You need a detailed plan which can be repeated and which specifies policies and procedures that can be shared easily.  Only you can make the decision as to whether the strategies you adopt are worthwhile but if they are based on the right concepts your business flow should move smoothly in the following years. Excellence has to be your mantra throughout. These principles have worked over and over again for years without fail, making Jay and his marketing ideology, one of the most followed worldwide and his business principles still carry that magic formula of success that still remains to be challenged in the evolving business scenario. The products, books and audio/video programs and tutorials that Jay Conrad Levinson created during his lifetime are easily available online and through his site, which still remains efficiently functional, to carry on the legacy and the mission of improving marketing scenario and education, even after he has left for heavenly abode.

His site and business philosophies continue at http://gmarketing.com/.

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