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Jeff Walker – The Man Behind ‘Product Launch Formula’ and Success of Millions

All of us are here on this earth for a purpose and some of us who are able to achieve what we dream are truly blessed. We all dream of making it big someday and all of us strive for perfection in whatever we do whether we enjoy it or not. People who actually make it big especially with whatever they have always wanted to do are truly liberated souls. They not only achieve perfection but also bring a creative perspective into their work and most important of all they are happy liberated souls full of vitality.

Jeff Walker - Product Launch Formula

Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula

Those who achieve their dreams and set an example for others are called Legends and one such living legend is Jeff Walker – The genius brain behind ‘Product Launch Formula’ and much more.  Jeff Walker commonly called as the ‘Internet Entrepreneur Extraordinaire’ is a perfect example of rags to riches. He has assets worth $400 million that he built over a short span of fifteen years.

Jeff Walker, a common man just like any one of us had a humble beginning. He was in dire need of money and turned to the internet, good fortune started to whisper and he started to use the internet as a money making tool by selling investment advice through email.  Later on, in the period where online payment was almost rocket science, he started an internet marketing site called Product Launch Formula that has helped thousands of small and medium scale entrepreneurs to launch and grow their business and achieve their dreams.

Besides helping others make their business big, he is also a motivational coach and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

He lives by a few principles that are close to his heart and can help one achieve one’ dreams and they are:

He believes that one who dares are the one who wins. It is not enough to just have a dream, it is important to take that first step towards making it a reality.

There are no shortcuts to success. According to him, those who fall for instant money making racket never achieve 100%; in fact they are not clear about what they want or even have a clear vision. Success is not just mere luck; it is proper planning and a strong belief in the plan and the outcome.

Relationships and connections are very important. It is always an advantage if one’s business is recommended by one to another and from another to a third person. It also means less cost being spent on advertising.

It is absolutely important for others to know what one’s unique quality is. One has to spend some time and determine one’s top competencies and then make them your best friends. One must build on those strengths everyday without any interruptions at all.

According to Jeff Walker the new age mantra is to give before receiving anything. It is always nice for the target audience to know what they must expect and once they get used to something they like – one has a loyal stream of customers in the making.

Jeff Walker has truly been an inspiration not only because of his achievements, principles, values, creative ideas and strategies or for that matter, his presence in the Forbes magazine but also for what he truly is – a humble shooting star.

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