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Joe Polish – The Rich Carpet Cleaner who Revolutionized Internet Marketing

Joe actually began his career as a carpet cleaner.  He had to learn marketing in order to survive and thrive in that business.  He then realized he could create an information product, i.e. a course, that helped other carpet cleaners make money.  (Below to the right is a picture of some of his successful students).  He soon moved from the blue collar world of carpet cleaning to be a world class expert in all types of marketing.

Joe Polish of Piranha Marketing

Joe Polish – Founder of Piranha Marketing

When internet marketing is being discussed, it would be very unfair to omit discussion of Joe Polish; founder of Piranha Marketing.  He has helped numerous small scale and medium scale businesses grow and become big with the help of his deep knowledge about products, marketing tools and robotic selling systems. He has successfully provided business training to the entrepreneurs to create an easy and lucrative business models to grow rapidly than others.

Joe still teaches the “Rich Cleaner Conference”, and often has 500 or more attendees paying a $1000 or more to attend.  (See RichCleaner.com).  He charges as much as $25,000/year to be his high end programs, such as the Genius Network mastermind (GeniusNetwork.com).  He describes the “Genius Network” as
“The Genius Network™ Is An Ever Expanding System Of Increasing Cooperation And Creativity Among Unique Ability Achievers.
Your Ultimate Resource To Creating An ELF™ (Easy, Lucrative, & Fun) Business ” In addition to the coaching/mastermind, he has entry level programs with 100s of audio interviews.  This man loves audios.  He also created 10xtalk.com – 10x Multipliers to grow your business, which he built in association with Dan Sullivan from “Strategic Coach.”

JoePlish_Carpet_Cleaning_TestimonialJoe Polish has been involved in coaching employees of various organizations and provides business building resources for more than ten years now. In fact, Piranha Marketing has been constantly recognized as one of the best in the industry as far as cleaning and restoration business is concerned.

Joe Polish works around a few simple principles to make a small business become big. The main focus of his training programs covers the following topics –

  • Ways to attract the right kind of clients for zero cost
  • Analyze the advertisements and predict the usefulness so that money is not wasted on the advertisements
  • Ways to make use of news and educations to skyrocket the business and generate Leeds, response and sales
  • Automatic process to generate sales if one personally finds it irritating and has been unsuccessful with print ads in the past
  • The three common lies that lead to loss of money, sleep and confidence and ways to rectify them transform the business and increase the visibility of your business thus generate more leads.

Joe Polish, the mastermind behind Piranha Marketing, uses a combination of marketing systems that’s scientific, education based and has a proven track record that has helped business owners who operates in a competitive market to excel with ease. His unbeatable strategies enable organizations to attract more clients, earn their loyalty, create good quality products and render unbeatable services.

Joe does a weekly podcast at http://ILoveMarketing.com You can listen on the website, or download using ITunes. Make you drive to work smarter by listening to his weekly podcasts!


So you can get a taste of the quality of Joe’s teaching, here is a video:

Here’s an example of Joe introducing his “Rich Cleaners” products and conference.



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