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Mark Joyner – The Godfather of Internet Marketing

Mark_JoynerMark Joyner is an international marketing sensation. Apart from being a true genius, he is also a phenomenal human being. He is one of the most respected internet marketers in the industry. But his artistry is not limited to Internet marketing alone. He is a former U.S Army officer. He fluently speaks Korean. He has also served as a Cold War veteran of Military Intelligence. His ingenious methods have been honored by the Korean Consulate General, the U.S. Army, the President of the United States and the Republic of Korea Army. He has travelled around the globe and has explored as a missionary throughout Africa. He has also lived in monasteries in India. Although he is not a trained marketer, he fashioned the definition of marketing by his personal experiences. He developed his marketing theories by using his observations made in military strategy and Asian martial philosophy. This unique and never seen before approach has made him the ultimate marketing guru.

Mark Joyner is best described as the Superman of online selling. He is a widely acclaimed pioneer in marketing techniques. He started his journey of extreme success from the scratch. He earned tremendous respect with his venture Aesop Marketing, which is a multi-million dollar company. He developed services and ideas that changed how internet business operated. His creativity can be seen in his popular blog www.markjoyner.name. He also operates www.simpleology.com.This site helps people get a better understanding of the marketing industry and it also helps them achieve their goals. He has been invited as a featured guest on a number of renowned stages. His most talked about works include ‘5 Tactics Every Online Business Must employ immediately’ and the immensely successful promotion of SearchHound. He also created a Swiss army app titled www.swissarmyapp.com.


The younger Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner’s popular eBook ‘Search Engine Tactics’ topped the charts with more than 1 million downloads. His eBook was certified with the coveted ZDnet 5 star rating, making it the only eBook to win this honor. Online marketers highly regard his course ‘1,001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactics’ as the most reliable source for internet marketing success. His other well-known books include ‘The Irresistible offer’ and ‘The great formula’.

These books teach businessmen all about strategic marketing to achieve the top market share for their products. His books explain everything very calculatedly to help reach the top of the success ladder. His work is of great help to draw maximum profits and sustain a strong customer base. There is a lot of insight on promoting the business and minimizing advertising expenses. He uses real life examples which are easier to understand and grasp. His emphasis on details and techniques are very inspiring.

Mark Joyner is also fondly addressed as MJ. He is a dreamer who believes in innovation and execution. He is a singularly skilled marketer and has earned respect with his unconventional tactics. He has won the hearts of millions with his brilliance and originality. He has earned himself the highest benchmark in the marketing industry.


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