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Michael Koenigs – Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker

Michael Koenigs, or Mike as he is more popularly known as, is a renowned entrepreneur, speaker, author and filmmaker. He won the Marketer of the Year award in 2009 and also holds a patent on cross channel marketing technology.

Mike hails from Minnesota, but currently lives in San Diego, California with his wife and son. He adores the ocean and when not working, he spends his time boating. He also knows how to play the didgeridoo. During 2012-2013, he seems to be winning the battle against cancer, and still teaches classes, makes videos, and promotes his businesses.



Mike Koenigs’ Professional Life

Nearly everyone in online and offline marketing has heard of Mike Koenigs. His products, such as Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer, are designed to make marketing easy and simple. His target audience is small businesseMike_Koenigs_Tesla_Cars, speakers, consultants, authors and coaches, and his products are designed for anyone interested in marketing regardless of their geographical location.

Mike is not a guru who sells products without having adequate knowledge. In fact, Mike’s professional life has helped him accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience that he is now disseminating and sharing with others. He worked for 20 years with renowned corporations, such as BMW, 20th Century Fox, 3M, Dominos Pizza, Mazda, Sony Entertainment and Ralston, and this experience has allowed him to learn the nitty-gritty of marketing, both online and offline.

Although a celebrity and bestselling author, Mike Koenigs is renowned for his exceptional products. Some of the products that have managed to create a buzz in the world of online and offline marketing are as follows:

Mike Koenigs’ Products and Courses

Traffic Geyser: This product is designed for small businesses and individuals who want to create an online presence. Traffic Geyser makes it easy to distribute videos, press releases, articles and other online content to more than 100 social media networking sites and platforms with a simple click of the mouse. With online marketing getting more mileage due to its effectiveness and low cost, this Koenigs product simply changed the definition of marketing for people who wanted to make a strong online presence but didn’t know where to start.


Multicast Marketing Machines: This course/coaching teaches you to create your live or recorded content (just once) and then use different channels to distribute it, so that the content reaches the maximum number of people with minimal effort. Multicast marketing combines the benefits of socialcasting, mobilecasting, podcasting, bookcasting and livecasting. According to Mike, if businesses, entrepreneurs and individual marketers are not using multicasting, they will not be able to market themselves effectively.


Author Expert Marketing Machines: This course/coaching teaches you to position yourself (or your client) as an expert by quickly and easily publishing your first book. The system consists of: 1) Position, 2) Publish, 3) Product, 4) Promote, and 5) Profit.


Instant Customer: This is an automated cross channel marketing platform that allows marketers to capture sales leads using mobile, voice recognition and online and offline systems. It allows marketers to set up their sales campaign quickly and use traditional and revolutionary methods to capture leads and thereafter, use multiple tools to follow up with them.


Besides these innovative products that make marketing easy and effortless, Mike also has authored a book entitled Instant Customer Revolution. This book teaches readers how to use the latest tools, such as social media, videos and mobile technology, to become well-paid marketing consultants to small businesses. Mike also has forayed into film-making with Bill’s Gun Shop, an independent film. He was the executive producer of the film and it was distributed by Warner Brothers. He also produced a documentary, Life with Tesla, which shows how people can live gas-free by using an electric car powered by the sun. With so much under his belt, it can be simply said that Mike Koenings is one of those futuristic visionaries, who have helped change the definition of marketing and the thought process behind business machinery which certainly is helpful for new age entrepreneurs.

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