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Mike Dillard: The Successful Entrepreneuer, Visionary, Speaker and Trainer

The Journey of Mike Dillard

The journey of Mike Dillard is an exceptional story from rags to riches. He has brought revolution in the market with his innovative strategies and techniques in internet marketing. Mike struggled for six years till he hit the jackpot with the concept of Magnetic Sponsoring, which is now the ‘numero uno’ training company in the network marketing industry.

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MLM Traffic Formula and Multi-Level Marketing

The MLM Traffic Formula created a huge buzz in the network marketing

industry. This course helps to generate limitless free leads and immediate liquid money for the business.  Visitors to Mike Dillard’s website will get a thirty six minute online DVD which will tell you more about the million dollar idea.

The Better Networker, the brainchild of Mike and the biggest social network in the home business industry, is a concept that has taken the home business industry by storm and has helped millions of people create wealth, network in a mutually benefiting way and learn from the deep knowledge pool that it provides as a training platform. The websites formed by Mike Dillard has limitless top-selling training courses for individuals who want to start a home business. There are a number of lead generation training products created by him available in the market and without doubt, he is one of the top speakers in his niche in the industry.

He is a successful entrepreneur in Austin Texas and with the kind of success and popularity he has achieved in a short period of time and the benchmarks he has created in the home business industry – it can be said without a hint of a doubt that he is a genius and a figure to reckon with. He is known to have started his own firm in the year 2005 and the man who brought direct response marketing strategies to the network marketing industry. The market was worth $177 billion at that point of time. His company, Magnetic Sponsoring accomplished every goal and started breaking records. Soon the company touched “8” figures and eventually Mike retired from the business. He wanted to focus his energies on financial education and investing. He is someone who can gauge the trend of the market beforehand and with the onset of the financial collapse of 2008, he clearly understood the new rules by which money could be governed. He realized that there was an urgent requirement to create financial security and openings for individuals.

The Elevation Group (EVG)

The Elevation Group, one of the fastest growing companies in the US was founded in the year 2010 with the single purpose of educating people on how to maximize their profits in the tumultuous times. The average entrepreneur does not know the business tactics and strategies of the elite business owners. The extraordinary global changes can be an advantage to those people if they can employ the investment strategies that are adopted by the super-rich business owners. His company Elevation group shares these incredible strategies and opportunities with new businessmen who want to beat their competitors and become the masters of the market. Mike Dillard has implemented the ideas in his own investing and there has seen a 77% increase in the returns every year since 2008. After two years of operation, the Elevation group now has more than 40,000 members in over 60 countries.  EVG was honored with the award “Make-A-Wish Outstanding Corporation” for 2012. The company is the supporter of “Wounded Warrior Project”.

Many people consider Mike Dillard as a legend in Attraction Marketing, which is the new and the next big thing in the network marketing industry. If you are someone who is looking for new dimensions in your home business, then his ideas can benefit you a lot. If you want to start a home based business and looking for some inspiration and guidance, then Mike Dillard and the chain of resources he has created over time can help you immensely. Mike Dillard believes that to grow in just any arena, you need to have a keen eye for detail as that is what helped him understand after the financial meltdown that the rules of money has changed, shifting his focus to a different direction that had better scope and growth prospects. Mike quotes that he spends his free time with his son Chase. He enjoys racing in the SCORE and HDRA Off road series with Chase. He is known for hedging his investments with precious metals and even survivor prepping on his Austin ranch.


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