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Mike Filsaime – Internet Marketing Expert Helping Millions to Make Millions

The “Michael Jordan of Internet Marketing” – a description Michael J. Filsaime has earned for his expertise and knowledge as an online entrepreneur, personal coach and an educator of new and cutting edge strategies. Mike Filsaime is also a business consultant, software developer, renowned speaker and author. Mike’s work has taken him to over 20 countries including Moscow, Singapore and Dubai where he shared his knowledge on internet marketing. His business enterprise Closed-Door MasterMinds in Internet Marketing is considered one of best and largest in the field of internet marketing. Mike’s best known work (and oldest) is his Butterfly Marketing which revolves around a site building software and video package.

Mike_Filsaime_StandingBefore becoming an internet marketing expert, Mile Filsaime worked with large auto dealer companies such as Hyundai and Toyota for over 10 years before finally bidding goodbye to it and starting up his ventures in the online business. He has a degree from the New York Institute of Technology in Computer Science and Business Administration which gave Mike an edge when it came to conducting sales, customer service and advertising. His knowledge of long term business principles proved useful and led Mike to achieve success when it came to using the internet. His innovative concepts and natural teaching prowess helped him to train and guide top brass people in the auto industry. In 2002, Mike launched his first website and released Carbon Copy Marketing, his first product, in 2003. With success knocking at his door Mike resigned from the auto dealer company in 2004 and concentrated on working full time in the internet marketing industry.

Mike got his starts in Long Island, but became a Californian after teaming up with Andy Jenkins and “Video Genesis”.

Mile Filsaime believes that the process of learning should never stop. In spite of achieving incredible success himself, Mike feels people should keep pushing the learning curve; they should stay abreast of the latest systems, courses and books on marketing. He himself continues to track and learn from those who are blazing new trails in the field. Many people who Mike helped on the internet marketing front have since tasted great success and become internet millionaires. Mike now rubs shoulders with big names in the industry such as Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Ryan Deiss, Eben Pagan, Andy Jenkins and Rich Schefen. Other august personalities in the field who Mike was able to spend time with are Dr. Joe Vitale, Oren Klaff, Mark Victor Hansen and Tony Robbins. His guidance on Internet Marketing benefited institutions such as the Trump University and Robbins Research International.

Mile’s online internet marketing company (MikeFilsame.com) started out by list building. He used Viral Marketing methods and was able to get revenue promoting products by recommending and reviewing via email. It was during the period 2003-2009 that Mike Filsaime went into serious teaching and began to make a name for himself as an Internet Marketing Expert. In The company boasts of over a million members on email service while thousands of members receive the monthly printed newsletter titled MDC Monthly. The main categories of revenue generation for the company are: The Software as a Service sites, Information products, printed monthly newsletter, the Dollar per Lead program and Affiliate Marketing through emails. One of his recent ventures is affiliatedotcom.com, which he started in collaboration with Chris Farrell

To raise money for charities, Mike Filsaime travels regularly; he also indulges in adventure stunts such as zero gravity dives, jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet, driving the Baja and going to remote parts of Haiti. The money which these spectacles raise, Mike passes on to different charities and he does so, on a fairly regular basis as he firmly believes in contributing to the society in whichever little way he can.

One of Mike’s products was the Evergreen Business System, a webinar tool that captures leads and can play pre-recorded videos as if they were live webinars.  He and Andy Jenkins have recently announced Webinar Jam, which might be a newer incarnation of the previous service.


Traffic Genesis (15 minutes)

Mike Filsaime Live on Stage – Psychology and Persuasion in your Marketing (1hr 18 min)

Mike speaks at Frank Kern’s Mass Control event:

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