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Pedram Shojai – The Urban Monk Shares His Learning

Pedram Shojai is now known as the “Urban Monk”. Pedram was born in 1975 and has packed a lot of life and learning into the last 40+ years. He somehow got from studying biology at UCLA to another future. He eventually received a master’s degree from Emperor’s College and an OMD from Pan American University. While attending UCLA, Pedram experienced life-changing mystical experiences that led him to the Eastern esoteric arts. Part of life’s success depends on finding your true path and following it which is what Dr. Shojai has done.

Learning, Learning, And More Learning

In the past 40 years, Pedram has been a Taoist monk for four years, become a doctor of Oriental Medicine, and a master of Qi Gong. He is a happily married man with 2 children who he loves dearly. In between all the learning and accomplishments, he has climbed large mountains and skied down them and traveled the world. He has learned the secrets of balancing success, happiness, and peace. Pedram Shojai has studies Tai Chi, Yoga, Kung Fu, medicine, and meditation throughout the years to gather important skills and knowledge. He has learned the skills to harness calm in the midst of a hectic world. This man is a green warrior on a global level and a devoted backpacker who works to help preserve the world’s ecology. In his spare time, Pedram is also an accomplished alchemist.

Spreading The Knowledge

Pedram has written a book entitled “Rise and Shine” in 2011 and produced two documentary films named first, Vitality and then, Origins. He also makes time for some philanthropy, working with people in many parts of the world. His passion is for teaching people to harness their full potential to live their lives more fully. He founded Well.Org and spreads his knowledge to followers online. this is the hub for health networking and getting information on all the programs available for Pedram Shojai.He also has a magazine called “Be More”. People around the world who want their lives to improve and to find a sense of calm in a hectic world can find knowledge here to help. A magazine is a very small investment for the information one can find within it. Online sites are a way for people to get information and skills reasonably in the comfort of their own homes. The podcast called The Health Bridge is co-hosted by Pedram.

Helping people to harness the calm of a Zen master and bring centeredness into their lives is a great service. Even in the midst of busy lives, demanding jobs, and rowdy families, people can find a sense of peace and relaxation that will energize them to go on. When a person loses some of the stress and anxiety from their lives, they can live fuller lives.

His Movies

  • The very successful movie titled “Origins” was a documentary about where the human race comes from. This documentary film starts with human history through the ages and then talks about now nd the future of mankind. There are discussions on the value of advocacy and people getting involved on a personal level on the environmental impact. This movie has been shared over 300,000 times and is now available on DVD and VOD platforms. The visuals in this film are beautiful. It is a very pleasant, interesting view.
  • The movie “Vitality” is a documentary all about health and wellness. It challenges the existing healthcare system and asks people to take a larger stake in their own health. This movie harnesses the knowledge of leading experts in the fields of wellness, health, yoga, and spirituality to improve people’s lives. It brings out the relationship between the fields of consciousness and health. Not only is it done in an easily understandable, interesting form but part of the proceeds are going to charities in the communities around the world.

Pedram also travels the world to teach seminars and retreats on QiGong, meditation, stress management, life mastery, and more healthy living subjects. People can go online to find his teaching schedule for around the world. he is spending more time traveling and filming for films and projects, so his teaching schedule is becoming more limited. Anyone who is interested in exploring what this world-renowned speaker and lifestyle teacher has to offer can go online to the website to find out more. When life seems to be too stressful and hectic, it may be time to find ways to find a little peace and relaxation.It does not cost anything to explore what this expert has to offer. Then, one can perhaps download one of the films or visit the Well.Org site to get an overview. It is in the human nature to look for better ways to live life, and this is one choice for that. The Eastern esoteric practices have been around for many years with thousands of followers.

Videos by Pedram Shojai

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