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Peter Drew – Founder of the Successful Video Curation Pro Software

BruteForceSEORobotPeter Drew is an SEO internet marketer and creator of innovative software tools that assist with SEO, posting, blogging, and video posting and curation.  He created both an SEO robot tool called “BruteForceSEO ‘EVO’” and a website called VideoCurationPro.com.  His latest promotion seems to be “Hangout Millionaire”. As a sales tool, he created an amazing video of robot doing all the boring SEO posts automatically.  The Brute Force software ranges start from about $995/year.

Peter Drew’s “Video Curation Pro” is helping many people to make profit from their internet business. Those who want to excel in the internet marketing field, this software is one of the best tools to blow their sites to the top ranking. His products add value to the clients, who want to make money online. Peter Drew’s services to the internet marketing field made him one of the great entrepreneurs in the internet video marketing world. Besides working on the internet video marketing, he loves to blog. His blogs give the information on the video curation, upload of videos and how to rank the videos, which is very useful to the people who wants to try the video curation for their business. It helps them to understand the working process of the software without any knowledge of the software skills.

What is curation? It involves taking other peoples blogs and videos, usually adding a text blurb about it, and reposting it to one of your sites. There is a need for “curation” because there are thousands of videos being uploaded per hour, and people need help finding the videos to watch.

Peter Drew’s has also created video tutorials to show how simple it is to find the high page rank domains in minutes using his tools. In his tutorial, he also had shown how to create self hosted video sites and how to link these with the new video sites. These tutorials are useful to understand how the video curation helps in affiliate marketing. He also has many video tutorials pertain to the usage of the tools and software he created. He has good reviews from his clients who has used the video curation pro software. He wrote articles on using video curation pro for the affiliate marketing. These articles are useful for beginners and experts as well.

Peter Drew also introduced a video on creating the videos to promote the blogs by using the video curation pro software and showing the results achieved in video sites. This video is very useful to the clients to understand how the Peter Drew’s product works and how to make money from the video marketing field using the product.

Peter Drew advises people who are interested in internet video marketing, it is perfect time to make money in the video marketing field as in upcoming days the online video sites will be gaining more popularity and provides more content. His advice to the interested people is to understand how the video marketing works and how to create your own content.

Video Curation Pro By Peter Drew

Brute Force SEO Promo Video – Circa 2010

The product has improved over time, but this video, which probably cost a lot to produce, is still being used.

Hangout Millionaire – Video Marketing VSEO

Video Curation Pro

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