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Randy Gage – The tried and Tested Road to Success

Randy Gage’s secret as a Network Marketing genius stems from his belief that if you have the correct mindset with regard to your business you can achieve success. People are meant to be rich and not poor, says Randy and for this he has come to be known as ‘the Millionaire Messiah’. His expertise well known around the world has helped thousands of network marketers to improve their business. Randy teaches newbie’s that if one so desire, health, happiness and wealth can be yours. All one needs to do is harness the power of thought and intention to gain success in life.

Randy Gage

Randy Gage

Randy’s background showcases an astonishing journey. He started at the bottom, as a dishwasher in a pancake house. Today, Randy Gage is a multimillionaire,  recognized as one of the world’s expert on achieving prosperity. Randy’s humble background literally provided the foundation for the principles he now teaches to empower people to succeed. “Randy Gage Training” is an extremely helpful program for network marketers. Randy is a true testament to the fact that if one desires to be rich, if one has a plan to achieve wealth and take the required action, the world will be their oyster.

Randy Gage has a unique and extremely memorable style when telling his stories. He shares with people the lessons that he learned during his difficult days, his experience in network marketing and his learning’s as an entrepreneur. Randy teaches ways to transform challenges into choices and obstacles into opportunities.

Randy’s target audiences are people making direct sales and involved in network marketing. His knowledge and experience helps people to get energized and obtain better results. Randy has written several books and released tutorial CDs which give insight into his experience. He also organizes training sessions for individuals and sales teams. When it comes to online marketing, Randy is one of the most respected minds as his many testimonials gathered over 20 years from people in different countries reveal.

Randy Gage’s book ‘Risky Is the New Safe’ is thought-provoking especially for risk takers. In the book, Randy explains how the same old tried and tested way of thinking will not help you to achieve success. Accelerating the speed of change, economic upheaval and disruptive technology all play a major role in our lives just now and the book describes the way one should look at everything. It helps one to look at the challenges and opportunities in the world and what they can provide, in an entirely new way and open gateways which one can walk through to achieve wealth. Randy also offers a “Power Prosperity Program”, which is a life-changing multi-media course designed to show you how to change your thinking in a step-by-step process. By doing this, one will start to attract good things in life via inspiration, enlightenment and motivation. The course is extremely beneficial and one will also receive six dynamic DVDs, five audio CDs, a Study Guide companion and Bonus – Special Report:3 Best Residual Income Business. Randy Gage has also written a book ‘Why you are so dumb, sick and broke, and how to get smart, healthy and rich’. The book has no fluff, it is all about facts on how to smarten up, enjoy good health and make money.

To obtain MLM (multi-level marketing) success, Randy Gage shares insider secrets from his MLM Training Course. The lessons include the following topics:

(1) Find out if you have what it takes.

(2) The key qualities every great network marketer must possess.

(3) How to prospect successfully.

(4) Places where you can meet prospects.

(5) Developing strong leaders in your group.

Randy’s philosophy is if you harness power of thought and intention, it will result in success.


Network Marketing Training by Randy Gage

Consistency for Success by Randy Gage

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