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Reid Tracy – Hay House Publisher, Speaker, Author

Reid Tracy – is the man who has played a very crucReid_Tracey (HayHouse)ial role in helping well known authors such as Christiane Northrup, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer and Jerry and Esther Hicks to develop and succeed in their craft. As President and CEO of Hay House – the highly influential and largest publishing company in the world with regard to self-empowerment, Reid took Hay House to other world capitals such as New York, Sydney, London, New Delhi and Johannesburg.

According to Reid, he started working as an accountant for Louise Hay, who authored the book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’.  It was a modest beginning which saw the book section occupying just one page. With the establishing of Hay House, Reid went about searching for new authors for their reading clientele. It was a need that needed fulfilling as people began to look for ways to lead a healthy and purposeful life. With Reid Tracy’s help many prominent authors jumped on the bandwagon and wrote successful books many becoming best sellers. Hay House today occupies a formidable place in the global community. With a dozen websites and live online radio station called Hay House Radio, more than two dozen media pages are generated. Reid has also produced 12 PBS Specials successfully, thereby making over $100 million for public television. Next was an entry into the film industry with Reid acting as executive producer of movies such as ‘The Shift’ and ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. The latter is a documentary about the life of Louise Hay.

When Louise wanted to publish her book some of the largest publishing companies wanted some changes made for the book to become more marketable. Louise was against this move as the book had been written from her deepest feelings to reach out to people and help them to change their lives. Reid Tracy, as a businessman with strong principles and values and with the intention to serve the consumers with the best possible product from his end, always searches for the new writers for his publishing house, who have something real, deep and contributory insight to provide from their perspective, which have had relevant and real impact on their lives or thinking. With this thought in mind, hundreds of books have been released by the Hay House, which have not been only commercial success but has had a deep and positive impact on the lives of people. Reid Tracy endeavors to bring something new to the platter every time and this is what has helped Hay House, become a household name in the publishing industry with hundreds of self-help, motivational, inspiring and life-changing books, DVDs, CDs, etc. under its belt. Under his leadership and following his vision, Hay House has become a global phenomenon and a benchmark as a publishing house through which many aspiring and professional writers are willing to reach out to their audience. Reid Tracy is also a well known marketing expert and has helped people through his seminars, products, radio, video, audio and books how to reach out to your audience, use social media productively, be an internet marketing expert and so on.

Through a series of workshops held in different countries Reid Tracy gives out tips on online marketing, publishing, and building a multimedia platform. His audience consists of well established authors, seasoned writers and speakers. Red has his own website (ReidTracy.com) which gives authors the required tools to become successful. It is a comprehensive website and covers topics from the initial concept of the book proposal, to aggressive marketing. As CEO of Hay House for the last 23 years Reid feels that most of the new authors write with two supreme reasons in their minds. One reason is to impress the people they know and the second reason is to address the critics. But writing from these two aspects will not always succeed. Down the line the story line might get diluted and become less authentic. What is required is to write about what can make a difference is a person’s life or write from your heart. It is this approach that will appeal to readers and help to make a difference in the lives of many people. A new book featuring the true story of its author, Anita Moorjani has recently been released by Hay House. Anita suffered a near death experience and was able to get healing from an illness which was incurable. The book is entitled ‘Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer to Near Death, to True Healing’.

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