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Rich Schefren – Guiding Internet Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses to Success

Rich Schefren Introduction

Nearly everyone is the world of internet marketing has heard of Rich Schefren. He is a coach and developer of internet products that make online marketing easy and simple. His digital products, such as Business Growth System, Guided Profit System and The Complete Guide to Highly Successful Joint Venture Partnerships, have won a lot of acclaim in the world of Internet marketing. For people who are new in the field of online business and eager to learn how things work in the internet marketing and even for the people who are pro and want to refresh and learn new and innovative strategies of internet marketing, digital products and systems of Rich Schefren have worked wonders.

Rich Schefren - Strategic Profits

Rich Schefren – Strategic Profits

Rich’s life has been fairly interesting. After graduating from Case Western Reserve University in strategic planning, he took up a job at Arthur Anderson. Rich believed his career was fixed. However, life had something else in store for him. He had to leave Arthur Anderson to help his family business, which was in dire straits.

Overcoming The Family Business Challenge, Successfully

The Schefren family owned a clothing store in lower Manhattan. Because of its location and competition from larger stores, the store was not doing very well. Rich realized he would have to do something drastic to rescue the business. So he decided to give the store a complete makeover. He not only changed the decor, he also changed the merchandise sold in the store. He began selling techno clothing and merchandise at low prices.

He made the store fashionable and this gamble paid off when celebrities, such as Uma Thurman, Madonna, Bon Jovi and Prince, started visiting his store to make purchases. Within a short span of 3 years, the store’s revenue surged from $1.5 million to $6.5 million.

During this period, Schefren was putting in long hours at the store and realized that he did not want to spend the rest of his life working like this. After helping his family business become successful, he returned to college and then began working as a hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis Centers

Along with his wife, Debbie, Schefren set up hypnosis centers. He used the same principles that he had used to rescue his family’s retail clothing store. In addition, he used marketing strategies of famous gurus, such as John Carlton and Jay Abraham, to market his hypnosis center and soon he had a chain of centers that were very popular. He became highly sought-after by other hypnosis centers who wanted to learn his marketing skills.

It was during this time that Schefren ventured into the world of Internet marketing. He found this sphere of marketing exciting and intriguing and went about setting up several joint ventures with well-known Internet marketing experts.

Foraying into Internet Marketing

Using the experienced he had gained while working for Arthur Andersen and his own experience as an entrepreneur, Schefren began helping Internet marketers become more organized and garner more revenue while still having sufficient free time to spend with their loved ones. As he became more successful, he finally set up a consulting business and named it Strategic Profits.

With his vast knowledge as an Internet marketer and consultant, Schefren has the unique ability to identify problems that Internet marketers face and this has allowed him to help uncountable Internet marketers around the globe. According to Schefren, marketing is not the reason why Internet businesses fail. He believes that failure occurs because the people behind these businesses try to do everything themselves. There are many priceless suggestions, tips and resources that you can learn from his training and courses and this has helped many people increase their sales, make a firm ground on the internet marketing, increase their traffic and visibility, accelerate revenue generation and make an empowering image online. The information and products that Schefren offers have helped Internet marketers attain the right balance and this, in turn, has spurred success.


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You can check out Rich Schefren’s courses below:

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