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Ross Goldberg – From Gangster and Coma Survivor to Man Of Miracles

Ross Goldberg is known for his contribution towards aggressive internet marketing for businesses. However, this best-selling author and guide had a very rough and patchy past. He had seen his parents split and faced difficulties along with his triplet siblings. They had to shift to Wisconsin, where he became involved in gangs and caused trouble during his teenage years. After reaching adulthood, he joined the Army Reserves and came back after a failed attempt. Regaining determination and responsibility after a year, he went back to serve his country. However, with time he figured out that he had Fibromyalgia and understood the true cause of his disabilities. He got serious after having his first child at the age of 24.

Ross Goldberg

Ross Goldberg

He left retail management, because standing more than 50 hours per week was something he could not achieve. He returned to school to study psychology and got $1000 per month. One more child was about to join the already big family, and Goldberg was struck with the determination to work harder. He opened an E Bay store and found that good profits could be earned within the comfort of working at home. He even sold memory-foam matresses online. Over the years, he settled well and had three kids to look after.

He is one of those people who had a revelation or life-changing experience that made him change the entire course of life.  He had suffered a coma and had a surreal encounter with a voice that conveyed to him that he had a true purpose to fulfill in life.  He later claims he made his first $1000 online while in that coma.  Ross says: “In June of 2005 I opened my first online business.  Two weeks later I went into a coma.  During the coma, I was literally fighting for my life.  I had Fight Club going on in my head.  I would open my eyes periodically and incorporate the nurses and visitors into my hallucinations.” Good things can only happen, should he work to make that possible. His recovery is perhaps due to his persistence and willpower, in his own words: “I had a hard time realizing that my legs didn’t work.  I kept trying to get out of bed and walk.  Rehab lasted 3 weeks.  During the first week, I told the doctors that I was going home and they argued with me.  Of course, I left on the exact day I told them.  I was almost walking at this point.  They said they had never seen anyone bounce back so fast.”

After coming out of the coma, he launched products and software that helped businesses achieve success.  He became a best-selling author and released training programs that helped people get information from the web.

Goldberg excels in providing consulting services to companies that feel lost amidst the competition. He conducts a research on behalf of the company and provides them with a plan. He has also come up with various software and online facilities. With feature like the linked spinning, the “Video Marketer” helps customers in rapidly creating advertising videos. “The Project Doctor” can help people in finding out the capability of their staff workers and work with increased productivity. The “Action Generator” tool helps workers in organizing their time so that things are done according to a routine. He provides other solutions for his customers, such as the Lead Society, weekly marketing deals and mad traffic.

Goldberg has also come up with a report called “The Marketer’s Manifesto” and it provides useful tips and solutions on how to make profit. It is available freely and all those who are interested can follow it for improvement. He has also released “The Web Traffic Book” that went on to become a #1 best-selling book. It helps people expand their ideas into a channel that reaches new customers and audiences with the help of internet. The book in not a typical read and provides the customers, insight on how to maximize traffic via social marketing, video marketing and research.

Ross also made it big as Vice President Marketing for “Stomper Net”, an elite marketing group that charged over a $700/month in membership fees.  Today, Ross is president of his company “Immortal Marketing” and owner of “Diamond SEO.”

You can download a free copy of of Ross’s “Marketing Manifesto” here (no email required): <a href=”http://themarketersmanifesto.com/”>http://themarketersmanifesto.com/</a>

Ross Goldberg Story – In His Own Words

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