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Russell Brunson – Young Internet Marketing Expert With a Midas Touch

RusselBrunson2Russell Brunson is one of the youngest internet success stories ever. He is often known for creating an E-Book on how to create “potato guns”.  He found that 18,000 people/month were searching for that term, and there was not a single product in that niche.  He often describes his experiences as a high-school and college wrestler.  One of his earlier products was known as “The Underachiever Secrets”.  You know that he is well recognized in the marketing community, when Tony Robbins has asked Russel to come and speak from his stage.

Russel is also known as a man with the Midas touch, who can turn failure into success with his wisdom, knowledge, experience and a unique blend of strategies that he has modeled over the years. Russell is now one of the most sought after experts in online marketing. As owner of the company DotComSecrets.com, Russell Brunson was able to make his first million Dollars soon after graduating from college.

After an early marriage, and while still in college, Russell faced a situation where he needed to earn enough money to look after his wife and two daughters. With the internet marketing industry booming, he spent the next couple of years on online training courses, programs and product selling. But all his efforts to earn a proper income failed. Russell was bowled but not out. He did not let this failure deter him. Whatever lessons he learnt and information he gained during those two valuable years, Russell converted it into one simple system. A system so simple, yet it could lead to making money by selling products online very effectively.

Once the idea took root, Russell wasted no time. He hired a software professional and with his help Russell developed his own software product which he put on sale. The product became a runaway success. In the first month it earned Russell $1000, the figure that double the next month and by the time he reached his senior year in college, Russell was earning around $250,000 and to top this figure, a year after graduation he netted his first million dollars.

Was Russell always a computer genius? No, he was not. Born in Utah, Russell lived with his parents, brothers and sisters and his first love during his childhood was sports. He was an accomplished athlete showing great prowess in wrestling. When opportunities to get involved in wrestling went out Russell did a stint of Church service. He also became proficient as a gospel teacher, an experience which has helped him in his present sales strategies. His company DotComSecrets.com targets beginners in the internet marketing industry by helping them to build a business and promote it successfully online. This industry has given people an opportunity to increase their earnings compared to their regular jobs. It is the big lure which is attracting more and more people do business online. To be successful, tips and guidance from an expert would be necessary and when it comes to finding the right expert, Russell Brunson stands out as one of the best in the field. He shows beginners how they can convert their passions and hobbies into a regular business and in the process generating additional income.

It is indeed an achievement to be proud of. From a small shop in a basement and a startup capital of $20, Russell’s career in internet marketing took off like a rocket. His company DotComSecrets.com now employs over 60 staff members and the annual sales exceed $10 million. Russell’s first sale was a DVD demonstrating how to build a potato launcher.  From this simple item, Russell went into marketing with a bang and now sells his own system teaching people how to create and sell products online. Russell’s reach as an online marketing teacher is tremendous. He now teaches thousands of students in different parts of the world on how to build their business and promote it online. With such phenomenal success at a young age, Russell has definitely hit the eye of the media and has since been featured on popular TV programs such as Fox News, ABC and NBC.

The aims of DotComSecrets as an internet marketing company is to help beginners in business to make a firm start, and down the line, achieve success they always dreamt of. The company goals include helping at least 100,000 people to make an initial profit of $100, to help 10,000 people earn up to a six figure income per year and to help in the making of around 100 millionaires. Will such people need a boss then? Of course not, so the last aim would be to get rid of their boss.

One of the best internet marketing strategies being published on the internet, is the Micro-Continuity 2.0 course created by Russell Brunson. This program has been published under the FTC regulations which though it was mainly meant to get rid of dishonest people from the internet marketing industry, it also resulted in causing fear among many of its users.  The Micro-Continuity 2.0 course gives people tips on how to stick to the rules yet run a successful business.  Determination, persistence and a strong desire to succeed have catapulted Russell Brunson into being a blueprint of the American Dream as the inventor and owner of DotComSecrets, now a multi-million dollar company.

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