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Ryan McKinney – To Succeed, Decide on a System and Act On It

NOTE: In early 2016, Ryan McKinney seemed to disappear totally, leaving all his customers in a lurch.

RyMac_Ryan_McKinney_TeachingRyan McKinney today is most known for Search Engine Optimziation (SEO)/Marketing and video marketing (specifically via Google Hangouts).  He started online in  in 2006, he tried his hand at internet marketing when he was a young Marine.  Today, he earns several full-time incomes from his home.  Married with kids, Ryan was looking for a way to supplement his income. He spent a good bit of money, even borrowed, to break into the internet market, but nothing seemed to work for him. Being sent out on missions, Ryan was not able to get a proper foothold as an internet market player. A few years later in 2010, Ryan was posted to a desk job in the Department of Defense. In the interim period, Ryan and his wife got a divorce. By this time, Ryan was living in Washington D.C. following a regular 9 to 5 day routine. In 2011, Ryan got an offer for a new position and moved to South Carolina, where his success story as an offline marketer actually took off.

Ryan McKinney on looking at the market noticed that though people were creating products on marketing and were not too savvy about the business. Ryan was already making a good monthly income by then, so he decided to share valuable information so that others too could benefit. He posted on forums on a daily basis, he also started writing about the way he was doing his business and that caught the eye of the internet public. Ryan felt people should know they could succeed, but it would take time and effort – there was no magic button to push.  Succeeding means you have to decide on a system and then act on it. It is the simple method Ryan has used – to create his products in a direct no-fuss style.  In August 2012, Ryan went into partnership with Robert Stukes and together they formed the DareDevil Marketing company, and sold a program called Hangout DareDevil, but that DareDevilMarketing.com website is no longer active.  He now blogs and markets his products under the name “Strategically Spilled Milk“, and ScaleOut his his latest incarnation and total rewrite/improvement of Hangout DareDevil.

RyMac_DareDevilMarketingThe DareDevil Marketing Company operated with a simple philosophy using “Fearless Marketing Strategies.” It involved using proven income-generating systems without getting going through stoppers such as procrastination, analysis paralysis or hesitation. With years of experience in creating internet products behind them, Ryan McKinney and Robert Stukes guided people to be confident of the knowledge they already possess – knowledge that could make them successful in the business. People know stuff that others may not know so you could package the same and sell it to somebody that requires such information – and make money on it. Ryan and Robert run a podcast and also provide coaching to entrepreneurs, besides creating and selling digital products. The important thing to remember is that where there is a need, it can be met. Buyers are out there, it is how to reach them that needs to be addressed.

Striving for perfection is not the way to go, especially when starting out in the business. Many first-time entrepreneurs set unrealistic goals and when they do not achieve them, they get discouraged. Instead, Ryan advises that one should set attainable goals and over time the business will improve and confidence will be gained. One way to do this would be to break things down into small sections and succeed in them one by one. As each achievement occurs, the bar could go a bit higher.

According to RyMac, as his friends call him, there are other things that can prove as obstacles to new entrepreneurs i.e. taking on too many clients. This can prove a distraction from the company’s core products and services. It is important to network and develop new partnerships but they should be partnerships you can trust and share the same vision with.

To succeed in online marketing it is important to know that information alone will not be helpful. There is too much information available so you need to get your information from a reliable source. Just getting on to someone’s list, not knowing who the person is can prove a setback. The bottom line is to get advice from someone you can trust like Ryan McKinney.

Ryan was featured on episode #251 of the Entrepeneurs on Fire podcast.  Some his personally created products include SpyNot, Facebook Video Ads Case Study, The T-Shirt Tango, Offline Legion, and the $1000 Facebook Group for his A-list clients, and one of his most widely used products is called ScaleOut.

ScaleOut Interview with Dan Chuan (13:55)

Discusses the “launch-jacking” technique within the world of affiliate marketing.

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  1. Ryan McKinney is a thief. I spent too much money on this Scale Out program and now it has seemed to disappear. I purchased it from you because I followed and trusted you and now we have nothing – very disappointed that you would promote someone that would take our money and run?

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