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Sean Mize – Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Coach Helping Others Lead a Better Life

Sean_MizeSean Mize is the author of ‘Anyone Can Coach’ – a book which gives you an insight on how to reach high level achievement strategies and make money online. Simply put, the concepts are about how you can use your strengths to help others who are pursuing their careers and looking to make a mark in the same field.

In particular Sean Mize targets the Christian community to help such people get financial freedom. He believes that God has given him a special calling – which is to use the internet to teach others. In his experience, Sean feels that though there is a good bit of online information showing people how to make millions, in actual fact many are just scams and misinformation.  He feels all the get-rich-schemes one reads about online are promoted by liars and con artists. However, in spite of all these false promises and schemes online, Sean says that there is a way to build an ethical business but the same has to be approached with honor and the right purpose.



Sean Mize has also been the second ranking author at the EzineArticles with over 25,000 articles on the site, which he used to funnel traffic to his products and websites. His strategies of article marketing and his products based on article marketing have been able to garner huge appreciation from the world of internet marketing and have also made him a popular name in the field of online business. His newsletters are heavily subscribed by his fans and people who want to learn the inside trade secrets of internet business that can help in generating revenue at a greater pace. Few of his online products are – Blueprint Lucrative List Building, Cash Flow Business Model, 30 Days to $1000 with EzineArticles, Ascension Marketing Model and many more. Sean Mize in his coaching and training programs and seminars as well as in his products emphasizes upon the fact that one should continuously focus on expanding their business by list building and simultaneously devising and implementing strategies that helps in lead conversion and sale. His strategies have helped him reach where he is today and it sure can reap the results for you if followed with a systematic and synchronized approach.

Sean advises that if you want to build a business in coaching online, you first have to decide what you would like to teach and which website you would like to use for creating your training. You can also use other methods such as audios, videos, book or personal coaching.  One of the easiest ways to share information is through audio recording. Once you create the audio recording you make a sales page and sell the same. His three steps to a successful business venture are:

(a) You have the ability to be rich. Explore your abilities and ensure you discover your true potential.

(b) You must plan, you must build, and water and harvest with genuine intent.

(c) You will then be blessed with business success. Once you have your product, an email campaign, a traffic source and a coaching program, you are ready to start a business.

Sean Mize says it is how you apply these spiritual truths in today’s business world that can sometimes prove to be frustrating. It requires a very strong level of faith. According to Sean to be successful you should not only focus on making money. You need to have an honest approach and not indulge in illegal or illegitimate actions. If you desert the good principles required to build a successful business you will end up maybe facing frustration or failure.

Sean feels that he has received divine guidance to build his life and work successfully. By using the right ethics and principles, over the last 5 years, Sean has been able to live a good life with his family from the earnings of his web-based business. Not only being able to lead a comfortable life himself, Sean Mize has been able to share his knowledge and the techniques he has used to help others to also achieve a good life. His teachings include spiritual guidance along with an online implementation on how to build a web business. In his coaching book, Sean says that making money just through secular instruction and without the right spiritual input will never give one full satisfaction. It becomes a totally man-made achievement, disconnected from God’s principles.

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