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Shaqir Hussyin – Youngest Empower Network Member to Earn Million Dollar Ring

Shaqir Hussyin SpeakingShaqir Hussyin is the youngest and the fastest growing award winning top million dollar earner and founder of SoloAdsAgency.com. Many people promoting business opportunites buy ads in called “Solo Ads” in newsletters and “EZines”. The owner of the list basically emails an ad on behalf of the buyer for a add fee that is based on the number of recipients.

This Brit has succeeded in the online marketing and became one of the top leaders in the internet marketing business through his empower network strategy. Many people followed Shaqir Hussyin and joined his empower network system which pays 70% commissions on its full line of digital training videos. His networking strategies brought more profits to the many beginners and the people who already into this internet marketing field. His dedication and determination in the internet marketing field made him a great entrepreneur and one of the most wanted consultant in internet marketing. He is known to be one of the fastest growing success stories. He is already generating million dollars of revenue in only a couple of years.

While being based in London, Shaqir can be found traveling the world, and spending time in countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Mexico.

He is expert and involved in direct response marketing, affiliate marketing and in creating more traffic to the business. He has owned many home awards including Master Marketing Award. Now a day’s empower network is the most profitable business in online marketing. Shaqir Hussyin’s empower network strategies brought him a big success and made him to enroll his name in the online marketing communities. His specialties include Lead Generation (for any business), Speaking, Social Media Marketing, Business Development, JV Marketing & Traffic & Leads Monster. He has his own blogs, websites for internet marketing business and YouTube video’s. He shares his experiences and knowledge through this websites.

He is a professional marketing consultant, social media consulting expert. He also hosted many webinars, seminars and conducted workshops and events. He has trained more than 50,000 people in internet marketing. He is one of the leading coach and founder of the Solo Ads Agency, which is one of the best platforms for the internet marketing entrepreneurs. His training programs include Carbon Copy Pro, Wealth Masters International and Empower Network. He has surpassed many leading internet market entrepreneurs and made extremely quick progress towards his success by using empower network strategy and following unusual traffic methods like e-mail media buying, solo ads and ezine advertising.

EmpowerNetwork_Million_Dollar_Earner_RingShaqir is 25 years old from the United Kingdom. From childhood itself, he was a rebellious. He was not interested in getting degrees and doing crappy jobs. So, he started selling things at the age of 15 years and his journey as an internet marketer begins with the eBay business at the age of 15.  In his initial days he has faced many difficulties in the online marketing, but later he stepped into the network marketing with the Empower Network, and within two years, became the youngest and first Brit to earn the million dollar earner ring. His expertise in online marketing, creating traffic and the zeal he had made him now one of the top leaders in the internet marketing. He wants to help as many as people in online marketing to realize their dreams and to grow their businesses to the top revenues. He also wants to build the school. Other than business, he is fond of travelling. In his free time, he likes to have fun. His future plan is to travel to more than 24 countries and see new places.

Shaqir is not a one-horse pony. He also participates in the MLM company called “MOBE”. It is said that he has three million dollar businesses. He is running a conference called “Traffic Millionaires Summit”, to be held in London in November, 2014. Tickets range from $479, VIP $1297, and Platinum $12,497. Of course, Platinum tickets get 1 full Day Consulting with Shaqir and his team.

Traffic Millionairs Summit – Shaqir Hussyin’s November 2014 Event

Shaqir Hussyin’s Making Money While you Sleep

Empower Network – Shaqir Hussyin – Million Dollar Earner

Shaqir was also featured in a DVD promoting Empower Network, filmed in Costa Rica at David Wood’s home.

To see how that business works, watch this short video: http://WeLearnAndEarn.com



Overview of Empower Network

To see how that business works, watch this short video: http://WeLearnAndEarn.com

Update 11/25/2014:

Mike Dillard, author of Magnetic Sponsoring recently spoke at Shaqir’s annual event in London.

Believe it or not, this was only the fourth time I’ve agreed to speak at an event in the past 10 years, and all four events had one thing in common…  They were held by previous students of mine who did what it takes to become extremely successful. As for Shaqir, he’s 26 years old, and got his start about four years ago when he read a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring.This book gave him the insights and guidance he needed to start his career as an entrepreneur. Today, his business produces $200,000 to $300,000 per month in revenue.

From: http://mikedillard.com/three-major-projects-i-have-planned-for-2015/

To see one of the businesses that Shaqir runs:

NOTE: His last name is spelled Hussyin, not Hussein.

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