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John Reese – The First Million Dollar Day On The Internet

John ReeseJohn Reese is most famous for being the first person to make one million dollars in one day product launch on the internet. He launched a web course called Traffic Secrets in 2004 and advised people how to advertise their products and services online. Everybody could learn from the best-known techniques and get the way of diverting proper traffic towards their websites. The course now has blogging and social media features which are contributing to its rising popularity. He has the talent and confidence to provide advice on television and video conferences or seminars. As a guest speaker, his main aim is to make sure that the business professors can carry out the work in an effortless manner.

John Reese could easily make a mark when it came to affiliate marketing and domain brokerage at the beginning of his career. The importance of Google Adsense was established by him and the creation of several business models were a part of his contribution. By convincing people that the best platform of advertisement is Google, he conveyed ways to generate revenue. He also offers a course called Outsource Force, which provides a detailed summary on how people can manage their professions. He is a talented individual who has made about a million dollars a day. He is widely known as the person who made the method of product launch a popular one.

John Reese has a lot of achievements that followed one after another. He also took out the Reese Report, Product Launch Formula and eBay Secrets. Outsource Force is one of his successful product launches that taught internet entrepreneurs how to outsource their work to the Philippines. His regard to the world of domain has been very high as he realized that online spaces are of priceless value to advertisers. In fact, he bought various domains and re-sold them at a higher value. He accepted it point blank that creating something new is tedious and a difficult way of earning money.

John Reese gained a lot of experience from his domain-related work and experiments. He has been a part of various trials and taken the feedback seriously. He advises people to strive to make changes wherever required in order to appeal to clients all the more. He himself turned around his life with this philosophy and came out of a debt of 100,000 dollars. He learnt from the mistakes of other online marketers and saved himself from a lot of wastage.

John Reese has launched over 100 successful projects online and also come up with an eBay photo hosting site. He earned a lot of money on eBay auction, and thrived steadily from all his online sources. This shows that whatever he shares with people works completely in his favor and his way of online traffic generation is trustworthy. His secrets can be found on www.marketingsecrets.com and new trading facts can be discovered there. The video courses are very easy to follow and everyone can learn a lot. His blogs are also there for those who seek good and reliable business education.


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  1. John I have listened to your inspirational talks and believe in what you are saying. I am new to internet marketing and have worked and been coached for 7 months and launching my first product. I have a husband that thinks what I am doing is a joke and doesn’t support me. I know what I’m doing can work and I will succeed. He is ready to leave me because I won’t admit it’s all a scam. Can you help me or give inspiration not to quit? We are about to lose everything.

    • Jana – This is an article about John Reese, he doesn’t check-in often. As entrepreneurs, many of us have gone through what you are going through. Keep your chin-up. Try to put in the hours and time it takes when it doesn’t impact your family. Find yourself an online friend. I recently started doing a twice-month “accountability” call with another guy doing what I’m doing. That’s one great way to encourage each other when your spouse is not supportive.

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