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Tim Ferriss – The Four Hour Man

I call Tim the “Four Hour Man” because of the titles of his books”:  The 4-Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Body, The 4-Hour Chef:

Tim Ferriss Books

If one were to put together the talents and strengths of a nutrition company owner, a famous tango dancer, a bestselling author, angel investor, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker – out of the hat would jump a guy called Tim Ferriss. Born in 1977 in Long Island Time spent his early years in St. Paul’s boarding school. Already showing signs of his writing skills at the time, Tim got admission to Princeton University on the strength of his essay for the entrance test. Utilizing this same literary strength Tim published an audio book titled ‘How I Beat the Ivy League’. He also took lessons in Chinese kickboxing and speed reading. After graduation Tim moved to San Francisco to try his luck in the Silicon Valley, selling mass storage and working long hours. But, overwork and poor remuneration left Tim wanting, so he decided to start his own nutritional supplement company called BodyQuick, a venture that quickly became a success.

Because running BodyQuick was a highly demanding and time consuming business, Tim suffered a breakdown. To this end he decided to hire assistants and in the process streamline the business. Tim started traveling to other countries such as Germany, Ireland and Argentina. While in Argentina having joined a tango-dancing class, Tim became an accomplished tango dancer and ended up in the semifinals of Tim Ferrissthe World Championships. Tim’s prowess as a tango dancer got his name in the Guinness World Records for being able to execute the most tango spins (37 spins) in a one minute period. Tim’s range of expertise on various topics has made him a much-in-demand speaker and writer. Topics ranging from eating with chopsticks to suitcase organization have fired the imagination of many of his followers. Tim Ferris served on the faculty at Singularity University, an institution that offers studies in new technologies.

Tim is well known for his ability to quickly deconstruct skills, from Tango, to speaking Japanese, to swimming, to marksmanship. For example, with the tango, he interviewed past champions and found three basic traits of the winners. He struggled with reading Japanese, until he discovered a poster of the most 1000 commonly used Japanese symbols. He was scared of water as a child, but eventually swam one kilometer in open water.

Tim’s book ‘The 4-Hour Week’ which hit the best seller list attained global acceptance. The book basically consists of Ferris-related strategies of how one can make money and enjoy a good lifestyle by just working for 4 hours in a week. What is different about Tim Ferriss strategies from those put forth by other brilliant money spinners are his unique views and efficient methods.  He followed up this book by ‘The 4-Hour Body’ and ‘The 4-Hour Chef’. Other interesting books by Tim include ‘Join the Rich’, ‘An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss’, ‘Becoming Superhuman’, ‘Live Anywhere’ and ‘Incredible Sex’. His book ‘Join the New Rich’ was a NY Times Bestseller, Wall Street Journal Bestseller and USA Today bestseller. His vast business acumen and vision has also put him on the adviser list of giant companies such as Uber, Evernote, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Twitter.

To ensure that his teachings and ideas reached out to as many people as possible, Tim Ferriss used online blogging and web videos covering diverse topics. He has proved himself to be an innovative businessman and promoter of new ideas.  His ideas and unique abilities to raise funds through social media experiments, namely LitLiberation, have also been highly applauded globally. Also, Tim Ferriss lists at number 13 of the 100 most powerful and influential VCs, Angels and Investors ranking. Wired Magazine also named him ‘The Greatest Promoter of 2008’ and he is also the only American in the history to hold the Guinness World Record in the dance form of Tango.

Tim believes that the way to make money would be much easier if people can take it and make it simpler in every way possible, removing all limitations and distractions that interfere with the whole process. As Tim puts it – Definethe way to make money, eliminate stuff that would interfere with the procedure; automate the procedure of making money; and liberate yourself from unimportant things that would clutter your life.


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