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Yanik Silver – Adventure Junkie, Digital Marketing Expert and a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Yanik Silver (Maverick)People in the internet marketing fraternity need no introduction to Yanik Silver, who is a well known author, serial entrepreneur, skilled copywriter and a digital marketing expert. His first entrepreneurial business venture was building a marketing and sales course worth $900 for cosmetic surgeons, which went on to become a great success bagging him over $10,000 to $15,000 per month at the age of 26. Soon after, he launched ‘Instant Sales Letters’ which helped many internet marketers as well as businesses to get ready sales templates and this was another winning trophy making him thousands more per month. Since, then, as per Forbes, he went on to build many online businesses successfully pulling in seven figure incomes from each.

He is also the founder of a digital marketing based organization, named as Maverick Business Adventure, which is an elite membership by invitation only club for millionaire internet professionals and entrepreneurs.  That group is well known for its exclusive retreats at luxurious or adventurous vacation spots.  People making money at that level want a real adventure that they can blog about to their readership.  Yanik is a self-described “adventure junkie”. Examples of past events included: off-road all terrain vehicles, to petting a whale, air combat, African safari, power boating, firearms tactical training, covert operations, and 80 mph go carts.

Since the age of sixteen, when his fellows and friends went to school, Yanik Silver launched his first step in online entrepreneurship. At that point of time, he had chosen direct response marketing as his professional endeavor. Later, he started finding interests in internet marketing or online marketing. Today, he is known as an honest entrepreneur, offering robust online marketing tact and techniques to both existing business organizations and  startup entrepreneurs.  He holds the ownership of a specialist online marketing tool development firm, featuring salient cost-effective tools and technologies that the online entrepreneurs can successfully deploy for registering their triumph in the world of online business.

Copywriting is one of his passions that he has swiftly turned into a money making business and runs a website, named as InstantSalesLetters.com, which offers winning sales letters for the new business owners or enthusiastic entrepreneurs. In this website, one may also get free newsletter templates, which one can obviously customize. On the other hand, the website has a paid or premium service too. Those who are seeking a completely unique and personalized newsletter for their businesses can opt for the premium services. These premium newsletters are designed or articulated as per the wish of the clients and they are highly effective for online sales or promotional purposes and are really effective in conversion and accelerating revenue generation.

As an author, he has written many bestselling books namely – “Moonlight on the Internet”, “Instant Sales Letter” and “34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs.” Because of his vast experience in the field of online marketing and internet business, he is one of the most sought after speakers. He has lectured at the Wharton School of Business and at many seminars holding crowds of over 3000 to 5000 and above.

He has his own flagship seminar event held annually – “The Underground Online Seminar” (see video below), which is about sharing new techniques and ideas in the internet marketing and networking with the pioneers and veterans from the field who are revolutionizing the internet.He started his “Underground Seminar” when talking to a fellow marketer who said he was tired of going to other conferences which were “pitch-fests”, featuring the same old speakers, pedaling the same products at each conference. Yanik decided to use fresh new speakers who weren’t there just to hawk there products.

Yanik Silver, as mentioned above, has written a lot of books on marketing and many of these books are hidden treasures for the enthusiastic online entrepreneurs or for the enthusiastic webmasters who have just started their career in the world of online marketing. Books like Instant Sales Letters and Surefire Sales Letter Secrets (http://SureFireMarketing.com) have revealed the secrets of the sales letters that have the abilities to clinch the optimal results for any businesses. On the other hand, his book, named as ‘21 Mind Motivators: Psychological Tactics to Capture More Profits’ is another amazing book which is a must read for today’s aspiring individuals who want to endeavor in the vast field of digital marketing.

Other books by Yanik include: “The Ultimate Sales Letter Toolbox”, “Instant Internet Profits”, and “Million Dollar Emails.” Articles written by him are regularly published on the web, in different blogging platforms, where he shares his vision, his ideas and experiences. He is also a self acclaimed adventure junkie and likes to participate in thrilling adventures like sky diving, exotic car road rallies, bungee jumping, take zero-gravity flights and so on, which are also the part and the parcel activities for the members of his elite club – Maverick Business Adventures (see three videos below).

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