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Yanik Silver – Making Digital Marketing Adventurous and Exciting

Yanik Silver is a well-known author, Internet marketing expert and entrepreneur. He has helped many entrepreneurs across the world reach the dizzying heights of success and hopes to be able to help many more in the future. His unique ideas, strategies and techniques have created benchmarks in the internet marketing industry and millions of people have benefited from his views and teachings.

Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver

On the Personal Front

Yanik describes himself as an adventure junkie and this would explain his love for sky diving, bungee jumping, running with bulls, zero gravity flights and exotic car road rallies. When he is not getting into one adventure after another, he calls Potomac, Maryland his home where his wife, Missy and two children live. He started his journey from a small one room apartment in NY with a few hundred dollars and today, he is the successful author, publisher and co-author of many bestselling books with a seven figure income.


Yanik Silver’s Mission

Yanik’s current mission is to help 1,000,000 young entrepreneurs, aged 13 to 23, build their online businesses by 2020. To ensure this mission succeeds, Yanik set up the Maverick Business Adventures and Maverick1000 Club. These are by invitation-only clubs and helps entrepreneurs network and come up with ideas and concepts to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Maverick1000 facilitates networking between entrepreneurs and helps them support each other’s business goals, while spending time indulging in adventurous experiences. The networking is not done in boardrooms or offices. Rather, they network in unique and invigorating circumstances where famous and not-so-famous entrepreneurs come together to collectively share their knowledge, skills and experience.

The Maverick Business Adventures is open just for entrepreneurs who earn more than $1 million. It is an invitation-only group and the cost to join is $15,000. Besides scuba diving, off-road racing and spending a week on Richard Branson’s Necker Island, members also enjoy sessions with the likes of Richard Branson, Tony Hawk and John Paul DeJoria. According to Yanik, the group is a philanthropic organization.


Marketing Specialist

Yanik has co-authored, authored and published many books and tools related to digital marketing. Some of his books include 34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs, Instant Sales Letters and Moonlighting on the Internet. He is a highly sought-after speaker and speaks regularly to international audiences and students. He has also presented his seminars at the iconic Wharton Business School.

His personal success as a serial entrepreneur is enough evidence about his marketing skills and today, Yanik boasts of a 7-figure business empire.

Underground Online Seminar

Yanik also is instrumental in organizing the Underground Online Seminar. Since 2003, every year this seminar is held to teach people how certain entrepreneurs, whom the world has never heard of, are quietly making millions through Internet marketing. This seminar gives participants an opportunity to meet these entrepreneurs and get access to top quality Internet marketing techniques and strategies.

The event has become so popular that Forbes named it as one of the top 10 events for entrepreneurs. It is deemed a networking and learning event where some of the top Internet marketers, such as Tony Hsieh, Tim Ferriss, Mike Faith, Darren Rowse, Bob Parsons and Jessica Jackley, come to share their knowledge and skills with participants, who are willing to learn.

The Underground attracts the biggest players in the world of digital and Internet marketing and lasts for three days. The aim is to share and learn and beat the competition, while staying ahead of the technology curve. So, if you are really looking to make a mark in the internet business and starting up as an entrepreneur, Yanik’s strategies and teachings can help you reach the pinnacle of success in a short period of time.

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